Mind control by cell phone: Fact or Fiction?

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An article by R. Douglas Fields published on the Scientific America website titled Mind Control by Cell Phones put into perspective what it means for your minds to be controlled by cell phones. The question he put forward was if a phone’s electrical signals can transmit frequencies strong enough to control the mind. That is … Read more

How to hypnotize with the eyes in 5 Easy Steps

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Most of us are either afraid of being hypnotized or are not sure what to expect when we ‘lose ourselves,’ but truth is we do that every day. When you’re in a café working on your laptop or reading a book that has you fully consumed, you become completely unaware of your surroundings. People around … Read more

The art of persuasion: How to Persuade Anyone

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When you think about some of the big and successful names around, you’ll notice that they’re pretty good at selling themselves. Maybe in the past they weren’t as persuasive, but they invested in mastering the talent and can now reap the full benefits. We’re not all born with the gift, after all.  Some may confuse … Read more

Hypnosis for weight loss – Using the Mind to Melt the Fat Away

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Have you tried losing weight but you’re having a hard time? Preliminary studies show that you can couple an exercise routine with hypnotherapy for improved motivation. Let’s explore further.  What is hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is a tool that hypnotherapists and other medical practitioners use to help their clients reach a state of total relaxation. When they … Read more

How to use conversational hypnosis in your Everyday Life

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Would you like to hypnotize someone by just talking to them? Do you want to help your troubled child sleep soundly at night? What about assisting an anxious friend when you’re at a dinner party to relax and have a good time? Here we are going to look at conversational hypnosis and how they can help … Read more

Learning Stage hypnosis: The Ins and Outs of Influencing a Crowd

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You’ve seen them before; stage hypnotists who hold the power to hypnotize a bunch of strangers and entertain the crowd. There are multiple shows (both TV and events) where stage hypnotists charm the audience, pick a few spectators, and use them as their hypnotic subjects. My favorites include making the participants eat something like an onion … Read more

How to Hypnotize Yourself: The Definitive Guide

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What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear the word ‘Hypnosis?’ Do you think of someone getting into your brain forcing you to bark like a dog or as the movies show, a process that forces dark secrets out of us? Well, hypnosis has a lot more than what the movies … Read more

Hypnotizing your wife: A Guide to a better Marriage

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For many people, when you hear the word “hypnotist,” the first thing that comes to mind is a person swinging a pocket watch in your face and making you do whatever they wish. Fortunately, the art of hypnosis doesn’t match such stereotypical portrayals. In medicine, particularly psychology, hypnosis is known as hypnotherapy and is often … Read more

How to hypnotize someone to sleep

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If you have problems sleeping or sleep disorders, then hypnosis is one of the avenues that you can use to get yourself some restful shut-eye. That is different from the typical way we see people being hypnotized and fall asleep when standing or seated. It is a neat trick, but there is more you can … Read more

The Definitive Guide on How to Hypnotize your Friends

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If you’ve watched some of the shows demonstrating the power of hypnosis, you’d think that it takes years and years of practice, right? Yes and no. Professionally (like in the medical field) it does take years to master hypnosis and the ways it can be used to help others. Still, for less serious situations, all … Read more