How to Hypnotize Someone to Love You

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Can you make someone that has no feelings for you develop them over hypnosis? No, because the practice is not magic and so it cannot put feelings where they are not. What it does is improve your communication skills with each other to help you get along better and to understand each other.  Hypnosis works … Read more

How to hypnotize someone to do what you want

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There is a morality question that comes into play when we are talking about how to hypnotize someone, but that is mostly a personal matter. There are, however, instances when people around us would want to be hypnotized to reach a specific goal. We are going to explore how you can control a person’s thinking and … Read more

5 Ways to Hypnotize someone to do what you want? 

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It feels good to control someone, not necessarily for your own selfish reasons, but also for their own good. Some people are quite too stubborn even when you know they will benefit from what you want them to do, and so you may want to hypnotize them into accepting what you want them to do. … Read more

How to hypnotize someone instantly 

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Hypnosis is an art that takes a long time to get. If done wrong, you look like a weird person who is always trying to do mind control as in the cartoons. However, when done right, you’ll hold a certain degree of power over people’s ability to think and do what you want them to. There … Read more

How To Hypnotize Someone In Their Sleep

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Hypnosis now is probably not as mysterious as it used to be in the past. Years ago, for people who could put others in trances and influence their thoughts and behaviors, it was considered an amazing talent that could have people flocking to watch! However, though we all enjoy a hypnotic show every once in a … Read more

How to hypnotize someone in 6 seconds

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Seasoned hypnotists can hypnotize someone in mere seconds. For those of you who are novices, you’ll require prepping for your six seconds of fame. Here we cover what the prerequisites of six-second hypnosis are and how to go about safely hypnotizing someone.  We put ourselves in a trance when we are meditating or daydreaming; you … Read more

How does hypnosis work?

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We know what hypnosis looks like in the present form, but how does it work? What causes a person to get hypnotized in the first place? What goes on in mind? Here we attempt to answer these and help you learn more about hypnosis. It will employ scientific explanation to demystify some assumptions that people … Read more

How to bend a spoon with your mind

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We’ve seen it before, someone in a live show or a video we’ve watched bending a spoon just by looking at it. We wonder how they’ve done it, and we want to do it too. How does that happen? Here we look into what spoon bending is all about and how you can do it … Read more

Does hypnosis help with anxiety?

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According to the WHO, over 300 million people globally have an anxiety disorder. There are conventional treatments available to help this population cope, including therapy and medication. Some people, however, opt of alternative treatments, one of those being hypnosis. Hypnotherapy places a person in a relaxed state, and they can focus their mind. It also can … Read more