Cognitive constructivism

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In this article, we will help you better understand cognitive constructivism from a well-rounded perspective. We will also highlight how it applies to one’s life. What is cognitive constructivism? Constructivism is pegged on the idea a person’s learning gets dictated by previous knowledge and experience, both of which are determined by the cultural and social … Read more

Nine benefits of positive thinking

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If you’ve had someone make a comment that sounded like “you’re so negative” or “you’re such a pessimist,” then it is perhaps an indication that you’re having a hard time thinking positively. What does come out of your mouth is a reflection of the types of thoughts you have. Being stuck in that wave of … Read more

Cognitive restructuring techniques

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Cognitive restructuring is one of the psychotherapeutic processes of learning to identify and after dispute wrong or irrational thoughts. It is one of the methods one can use to both notice and undo negative thinking patterns. It works in a variety of contexts, whether ridding yourself of your judgmental inner voice, emotional reasoning, split thinking, … Read more

How to Understand the Unconscious Mind

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We’ve all heard or read about the power of the unconscious mind and all that you could attain if only you learned to master the unconscious mind. But do we really understand what the unconscious mind is all about? Is your unconscious the key to the change you have been seeking? For most people seeking … Read more

Maladaptive Thinking – A Guide

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Human psychology is a rather complex area of study because in as much as the world’s leading psychologists think that they have it all figured out, hence capable of providing solutions through therapy and therapeutic process, there are many new things that sprout out of human behavior each day. What is means is that the … Read more

How to Analyze A Person’s Psychology

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If you are curious about the people in your life or people in general and what they do how they do it, you will find all the answers to the questions you seek in human psychology. Human psychology, or just psychology, according to the American Psychological Association, refers to the study of the human mind … Read more

How to Keep Your Brain Healthy and Active

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When all is said and done, you want to have peace of mind, a mind as sharp as a knife, and a good chunk of money in your retirement account. Yes, you may of money as the most important asset you will have as the years progress, but we believe that having your memories crystal … Read more

How Long Does It Take to Heal from Childhood Trauma?

It’s human nature that when bad things happen to us, we struggle to get back to where we were before the event. We struggle to get back to our ‘normal,’ and for most people, this normal state is never achieved. Some traumas are too deep and extremely life-changing for anyone to recover fully or to … Read more

How to Radiate Positive Energy

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We all have that one friend who, for whichever reasons, seems ever to infect every room they walk into with the same level of positivity and happiness. Whether they have everything going for them or not, these individuals often leave the room feeling better and happier than it was when they got in, leaving you … Read more

How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

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Before we learn how to make our subconscious mind believe something let us first understand the difference between a conscious and a subconscious (preconscious) mind. You See how you narrate stories to your kids of how you went fishing, or your first experience riding on a plane, or how you trekked before getting the top-dollar … Read more