What can conversational hypnosis do?

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Hypnosis is now becoming increasingly popular, with people looking for resources and experts they can turn to for help. Here we explore one such person, Igor Ledochowski who is known for this work in conversational hypnosis. We explore what this kind of hypnosis is all about, what makes Igor an authority and more about the … Read more

Online hypnosis certification review

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In this online hypnotist certification program by Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D is meant to train people to learn how to help clients. It will train professionals to help people deal with deep-rooted issues including self-destructive behavior, and overall be at peace. When you take the course, you’ll able to know for sure of being a … Read more

The Best Neuro-Linguistic Programming Books

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NLP, better known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a name that describes the essence of the human experience through neurology, language, and programming. NLP involves the neurological system (as the name suggests), the system that regulates the body’s primary biological and biochemical function. Think of this system like the system that determines overall bodily function.  Language … Read more