5 Ways to Hypnotize someone to do what you want? 

It feels good to control someone, not necessarily for your own selfish reasons, but also for their own good.

Some people are quite too stubborn even when you know they will benefit from what you want them to do, and so you may want to hypnotize them into accepting what you want them to do.

While it is always good to ask for  consent before outing someone in trance, sometimes you could just have a simple conversation that could make them ‘zone out’ for w short while to enable them see the importance of complying with you.

You can hypnotize someone in these 5 ways without them refusing to comply.

Before you start, you want to establish some rapport to make the process easy.

If you are not in harmony, then you are unlikely to be successful as they will not be in agreement with what you are about to do. When you develop rapport with your subject, they will trust you and agree to be out in a situation where they are not self-aware, knowing that you would do them no harm.

They are also more likely to respond to your guidance better if they can have a peaceful conversation before the experience. 

Covert Hypnosis

Covert hypnosis is also conversational hypnosis, and it entails the two of you conversing.

It does not out you in control of your subject’s mind, but it enables you to control their thoughts through conversation.

You will guide them through questions that you want them to answer, and while at it you can have them try to reason the way you would prefer.

 As we noted, it is not about controlling their minds, but their thoughts.

After a session, they will be more positively responsive to your suggestions, and especially since they have gone through them in their subconscious during hypnosis. 

For this to be successful, you will need the subject to be relaxed and in a place where they feel safe.

You want to be able to tap at their unconscious part of the brain so that the thoughts you bring across during the session will feel as though they are the subject’s own.

Apart from a focused mind and relaxed body, the subject will also need to be able to listen to your guidance and follow those words.

To get them out of this trance, bring them back softly without jerking them awake or shouting so as not to traumatize them. 

Pattern Interruption

This one takes some practice, but it is one of the most effective ways to hypnotize someone without them knowing. We are used to patterns and when they are disrupted, we are usually unaware how to proceed.

We improvise, but not without hesitating for some seconds. During this window –when there is hesitation – is when you strike. Take for example someone you see regularly.

You are used to shaking their hand when you meet, but this time, change tactics and go in for a hug.

While they take the customary five seconds to understand what happened and how to react to it, use a command that will make them do what you want.

For instance, ask them to go to sleep, and since they will be close to your shoulder, you can catch them so they don’t fall. While here, you can now perform your hypnosis as they will be conscious but in trance state.

When performing this type of hypnosis, you want to maintain eye contact and to use a voice that tells the subject you are in charge and they will obey. 

Hypnotic Keywords and Submodalities 

illustration of the brain

There are words that allow the subconscious part of the brain to take over the conscious, such as ‘imagine.’ When the word is used, the analytical part of the brain takes a break so you can paint a picture of what is being said.

In this window, hypnosis takes place ideally, with the subject obeying commands and instructions. When using these keywords, let the subject imagine what you want them to do or think while they are in this state.

When they get out of it, they will think more of these thoughts and make them their own. You will have controlled their thoughts. The Zeigarnik effect is also quite effective at hypnosis.

When we do things, we forget about them until we have to do them again – such as exams or paying monthly bills.

The Zeigarnik effect says that people tend to focus on events that are incomplete.

So, you can control someone’s brain by telling them an incomplete story and as they try to make out the rest, give them a hypnotic command. They will be transported into the state you want them.

All this while, you want them to be looking at you to give you better control.

A similar one is ambiguity where the speaker overloads the conscious with ambiguous phrases to sneak into the subconscious part of the brain. 

Can everyone be Hypnotized? 

Hypnosis puts one in trance state, and while in it they become more agreeable to suggestions.

They also open up more, which is how the practice has been credited for helping some people quit smoking, ditch unhealthy lifestyles, and even in some cases, fight depression and phobias.

It is quite useful when a person can be hypnotized, but it seems not all brains respond to this practice. 

While noting it had nothing to do with personality traits, a study conducted by Stanford University School of Medicine notes some people’s brains do not enter the trance state.

It takes for a hypnotist to get to one’s subconscious mind, but if they cannot then it becomes impossible to control their thoughts. These are mostly the same people that find it hard to quiet their minds or even to meditate for a minute.

For the brain to be in trance state, the subject has to be able to relax and silence everything around them. 

Can you Hypnotize Yourself?

First, why would you want to hypnotize yourself?

We have already established that hypnosis is a good practice that helps a person deal with deep-seated issues that they may not want to revisit, but that are important.

It can also help us change the way we see ourselves even in our own eyes.

So, one can hypnotize themselves so they can start seeing themselves better that they do. We all should know our worth for others to see the same because it dictates how they treat us.

You can put yourself in trance state and then bring yourself out without any harm because it takes the same route meditation does. There are several ways to self-hypnotize, and this is just one of them. 

Take a deep breath and acknowledge what you are about to do. Then start counting to from five while breathing deeply still. 

Now, think of your favorite color and imagine it flowing all the way to your toes from your head. Feel the peace that comes from this flow and take a moment to appreciate it. 

Slowly now, repeat to yourself, “three, I am going deeper and deeper,” “two, I am going deeper and deeper,” “one, I am going deeper and deeper.” Believe those words as you say them. 

Now, choose three affirmations that you will repeat to yourself.

It could be: “I am safe, I am calm, and I choose to relax.” Think of your favorite color again and imagine it flowing all over your body again.

Imagine the color to be a safe blanket that shields you from your insecurities. 

At this point, think about your desire and essentially the reason you took this self-hypnosis. If you it was procrastination, imagine yourself taking action.

If poor eating has you worried, imagine yourself making the right choices. If you were feeling insecure, imagine you are confident and ready to take on the world. Stay in this positivity for 60 seconds, letting your mind dwell on how you desire. 

Now, think of your favorite color again.

Mention it out loud and imagine it flowing from head to toe, and then assess your stress levels.

How do you feel after this?

Do you feel better about yourself and with a new resolve to tackle those things that cause you stress? You are urged to choose your favorite color because chances are it makes you feel safe.

You probably have items of that color in your house too, and so it makes you feel even more covered with a safe blanket. If you are less stressed at the end of your practice, then it is working and you may want to keep doing it.

There is so much power in conversational conversation, even if done on oneself.

Final Words

Hypnosis is not a magic pill, and so things cannot change until we do.

It gives you a new resolve to work on the things you wish to change, but they will only change if you dedicate your energy towards making that happen.