Guided sleep meditation for insomnia

Insomnia is almost the norm in the world today, with hashtags online that reflect the same. Even the National Sleep Foundation does support what is going on in our culture; 30 to 40 percent of adults do have difficulty sleeping.

Of this number, about 10 to 15 percent do suffer from chronic insomnia. There is no one blanket cause for insomnia. Some of the reasons are lifestyle, psychological problems, or have a medical condition, all of which interfere with one’s ability to fall and stay asleep.

If you’ve gone about a day after a night of little to no sleep, then you know the struggle that comes with that. You have a hard time concentrating, you don’t feel motivated, and even your body feels sick. However, it doesn’t stop there.

When that goes on for a more extended period, there are some severe health consequences. Insomnia is linked to a greater risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. It also increases your chances of getting mental disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Daily, you will find that your memory is affected, as well as your judgment and even sex drive. Combined, insomnia can indeed shorten your life expectancy.

The good thing is that it’s not all doomsday if you have insomnia. For some, it is just improper sleeping habits that can be cured with a few changes; for some, they require a little more help to try to catch some Zs at night.

Before you head out to the doctor’s for sleeping pills, consider making some lifestyle changes that will indeed make it easier to fall asleep at night. One of the tools you can use is a guided sleep meditation for insomnia.

Meditation is quite a great way to reduce stress and anxiety that could be keeping you up awake at night. It calms your thoughts and body and helping you wind down for sleep. It is also a break from sensory stimulation, especially if you’ve spent most of your waking hours in front of a screen.

The fantastic thing is they are a ton of them online and for free. Here we’ll look at a handful that would be an ideal starting point of you before venturing out.

List of guided sleep meditation for insomnia

Guided Meditation: Talk-down for Insomnia

Image for a gentle talk-down

Here we have a 30-minute guided by The Honest Guys. If you do suffer from insomnia, then you can each for this medication to help you fall asleep faster. The first ten minutes feature a gentle talk-down that aids in preparing your mind and body to sleep.

The remaining time is comprised of soft sounds of waves breaking on a beach to lull you to sleep. The Honest Guys do have many other meditation videos that you can try, including Blissful Deep Relaxation that runs for 18.5 minutes or Fall Asleep in Under 20 Minutes as well.

Guided Meditation for Sleep Problems and Insomnia

Image for sleep relaxation video

Here we have a 43-minute long progressive relaxation video from Freebird Meditations to help you ease yourself into a restful state before sleep.

The idea to relax your mind so that your body, by extension, can do the same. The video is essentially training for your mind to achieve a state of rest. It will help ease various causes of insomnia, including psychological issues.

Guided Meditation for Sleep: Floating Among the Stars

Image for floating on stars

Here we have an hour-long and two minutes meditation by Jason Stephenson. He has a couple of other high-quality meditations on YouTube, but you can start with this one and make your way through his collection.

What people love about Jason is both his voice and also the choice of background music. From listening to this recording, you should be able to feel that you’re floating among the stars as you drift off into dreamland.

Fall Asleep So Fast: Guided sleep meditation

Image for playing music in the background to sleep

If negative self-talk is keeping you up awake at night, then you ought to try this guided meditation by Lauren Ostrowski. She has the perfect voice for a guided meditation with the right kind of music in the background.

For an hour and 17 minutes, she will guide you through good positive affirmations that will improve your self-esteem and silence the chatter in your mind, giving you the chance to fall asleep.

FALL ASLEEP FAST, DEEPLY & SOUNDLY- A Truly Life-Changing Guided Meditation For Sleep

Another guided meditation you can listen to from Lauren Ostrowski is the Fall Asleep Fast, Deeply, and Soundly track. It is a progressive relaxation guide that helps you focus on your breath and also learn how to use it to alter your state of consciousness.

As you want it, she will take you through several serene nature scenes that include watching sheep run across a field or dolphins in the ocean.

Cultivate Self Love While You Sleep: Affirmations for Self-Love Sleep Meditation

Here is another guided meditation you can try to combat negative scrips running in your mind. Nicky Sutton’s voice is also fantastic, paired with the music that gets you to a warm and comfortable place. For two hours, Nicky will share affirmations that promote self-love and help you fall asleep feeling a lot better about yourself.

Into Sleep: A Meditation

Image for A Meditation

If you want something short, mainly if you think your inability to fall asleep is not that bad, then you can try this nine-minute extended meditation guide. It is by Quite Mind Café, and it offers full muscle relaxation for deep restorative sleep.

When both the mind and indeed body are relaxed, you can fall asleep much faster and get some fantastic rest.

Yoga Nidra- Meditation & Guided Relaxation Training script

Yoga Nidra is considered the state between being awake and sleep. You’re body and mind are in full relaxation, and that allows you the ability to tap into both the conscious and subconscious mind.

It requires about an hour to achieve this state, but if you don’t have that hour, this 16-minute video is best for you. You can still make a state of inner awareness, peace, and relaxation, the perfect state to be in before falling asleep.

Sleep Meditation- Fall Asleep- Bedtime Zen

If you like the sounds of gentle music and the sounds of nature to lull you to sleep with minimal guidance, then you can opt for this mediation by Hypnosis & Guided Sleep Meditations.

You can let your mind wander, opting not to get attached to any of the thoughts that float by, and listen to the music as well. You’ll soon find the peace and calm you need for deep and restful sleep.

Wrap up

If you are going to watch any of these guided meditations instead of merely listening, ensure that you use a light filter or put the screen on night mode. You want to filter out the blue light because it suppresses melatonin production, the hormones that help you fall asleep.