How to hypnotize someone over the phone

Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone to someone with a monotonous voice? If so, then you have experienced phone hypnosis. Hypnosis involves entering a state of trance, where you experience focused attention by turning off any background noises.

We enter a state of trance every day from watching television, fantasizing, reading books, listening to music, or meditation. Over the years, experts have discovered various ways of performing hypnosis.

Modern-day hypnosis does not require you to be face-to-face with your subject. You can perform a productive hypnosis session by texting or talking over the phone.

You do not have to be in the same room as the hypnotist, or even the same state. So, how do you hypnotize someone over the phone?

Hypnotherapy phone sessions

Effective hypnosis occurs through verbal communication, gestures, words, and motions. Depending on the mode you are using, it is crucial to observe various steps to conduct an efficient hypnosis session.

Hypnotherapy phone sessions use conversational hypnosis to induce a trance in an individual. Conversational hypnosis, also known as covert hypnosis, is a form of hypnosis where you can persuade or convince anyone to have similar thoughts, ideas, and suggestions as you.

It involves using certain hypnotic words and tone of voice to usher your subject into a state of trance. The voice of an individual and the language used plays a crucial role in any hypnosis session.

Hypnotherapy phone sessions are ideal for clients who are not in the same state as the hypnotist or those that cannot easily get to the hypnotist’s office. They help in getting rid of anxiety, procrastination, and gets the client motivated, to mention a few.

Often, the phone call is the client’s expense and takes about 20-30 minutes, depending on the effectiveness of the hypnosis session. As a result, you can have a hypnosis session in the comfort of your own home, where you feel safe and comfortable.

Let us discuss the steps involved in hypnotizing someone through the phone.

1. Build rapport

Whether you are performing traditional or modern-day hypnosis, it is vital to ensure you build a good rapport with your client before inducing them into a state of trance.

Gaining the trust of the client is crucial as it allows him/her to relax and follow your instructions during the induction. It might be challenging to build trust with a client over the phone, but it is surely not impossible.

Call or email the client before the actual session to let them know when you intend to call and what is likely to happen during the phone hypnosis session. Ask them about their hypnosis history and past experiences with hypnotists if it is a new client.

Discuss what results they expect at the end of the session and re-assure them of the results they are likely to receive.

Similarly, it is crucial to ensure you have a good connection before calling or beginning the hypnosis session. Since you are not sure of the duration the session will take, it is advisable not to use cell phones or cordless phones as they may run out of batteries.

Ask your client for a backup phone number in case of any emergencies.

2. Induce your client into a trance

Imagine you are reading a good book or really absorbed in a particular conversation with one of your close friends. As you continue to read or delve deeper into the conversation, you realize a growing connection to the other person or the author, making you lose conscious awareness of your surroundings.

You focus all your attention to the book or the conversation as you cling to every word and every sentence, making your excitement grows the more you continue in this act.

Clients should experience a similar feeling when going through the induction process.

Make sure your client is in a relaxed position, preferably seated upright in a chair. Their surroundings must be void of any distractions and guaranteeing uninterrupted quiet time and privacy.

It does not have to be absolutely silent, just quiet enough. Similarly, advise your client to use headphones or speakerphone for maximum results during hypnosis.  Induction is the central and most crucial part of a hypnosis session.

It involves using the right hypnotic words to put them under and ensure maximum relaxation. Hypnosis power words, like imagine, you, and because, surpass the critical factor in our brains, gaining access to the subconscious mind.

Salespeople and marketers smoothly work these words into any conversation or video, hypnotizing their clients into doing what they want them to do.

There are many hypnotic power words that you can use to induce your client into a trance. The human brain is wired to question everything naturally, be it an idea, suggestion, or thought.

By using hypnotic power words, they bypass the critical factor in our brains that throws up all sorts of objections, directly gaining access and stimulating the unconscious mind.

3.Proceed with helping your client with whatever he/she requested

There are several reasons why clients may contact you for a phone hypnosis session.

It could be to help them relax and get rid of anxiety, or to motivate them and avoid procrastination; whatever the reason is, you can proceed with assisting them in tackling the issue at hand after inducing them effectively.

As long as the client is deep enough in a trance, you can perform your duties as you should.

Since the hypnosis session is through the phone, it is not easy to determine whether the client is in a trance, as you cannot see the typical visual cues. However, the client hears your voice as if you are in for a face-to-face hypnosis session.

If you have been performing hypnosis for quite some time, you can notice when a client is in a state of trance from the words he/she uses or how he/she responds to you. There are several means of hypnotizing your client via the phone, including:

4. Pattern interruption

Human beings enjoy a routine type of life. There are specific patterns they come across daily as they go about their activities. For instance, whenever you see your close friend, there is a particular way of greeting the two of you have adopted to show affection. 

These patterns reduce the amount of processing your conscious mind does; thus, you only use your subconscious mind when performing such tasks.

Pattern interruption involves interrupting a common pattern that an individual is accustomed to, to confuse the conscious mind. Once you interrupt a particular pattern, you have about five seconds reprogram the individual with your hypnotic commands.

5. The Zeigarnik effect

Basically, this popular hypnosis effect revolves around the notion that human beings only remember incomplete tasks and dump all other completed tasks from their conscious mind.

For example, once you refuel your vehicle, you do not think about fuelling it again, until the fuel is close to running out. Using the Zeigarnik effect involves hypnotizing an individual by telling him/her an exciting but incomplete story.

While the conscious mind tries to analyze and complete the rest of the story, give the subject a hypnotic command and then later proceed with telling him/her the end of the story.

This particular effect is often used by advertisers and marketers in the media industry by placing commercials in between movies and shows.

6. Negative words

Generally, the subconscious mind does not understand negative words. If someone tells you not to imagine an animal with eight legs, you will most likely find yourself thinking of an animal with eight legs.

Similarly, if I ask you not to give me the money now if you do not want to, the message will probably register in your unconscious mind as ‘give me the money now!’

7. Ambiguity

Using ambiguous phrases leaves the unconscious mind thinking about the meaning and interpretation of such menacing words. As a result, ambiguity allows you to directly communicate with the unconscious mind, where a good hypnotist issues a hypnotic command at this point.

For instance, when asked, ‘what will not happen when you do not buy my course right now?’, the critical factor in your brain will wonder about the meaning of these menacing words as opposed to telling you, ‘buy the course I am selling now.’

Be sure to keep an eye out for the following signs so you know when its working.


It is possible to perform effective and convenient online hypnosis sessions over telephone or even Skype. Over-the-phone hypnosis sessions allow flexibility as clients can get hypnotized from anywhere they can relax and have uninterrupted quiet time.

Furthermore, you can listen to your phone hypnosis session once you attend an in-person appointment at a later date, to confirm and input more positive suggestions for future hypnosis sessions.

The only disadvantage of phone hypnosis sessions is that the hypnotherapist cannot readily read bodily cues during the hypnosis session, like facial expressions or breathing patterns.

However, experienced hypnotists do not consider this as an issue as they can still read hypnosis cues from your language.