How to Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

Before we learn how to make our subconscious mind believe something let us first understand the difference between a conscious and a subconscious (preconscious) mind.

You See how you narrate stories to your kids of how you went fishing, or your first experience riding on a plane, or how you trekked before getting the top-dollar job, well that information is derived from your subconscious mind.

This is, therefore, to say that the subconscious mind is a data bank; it, therefore, stores your skills, memories, beliefs and previous experiences. Important to note is that everything that has been stored in your subconscious mind cannot be found in your conscious mind.

So what is the conscious mind, the conscious mind stores perceptions, feelings, memories and the current reality?

The preconscious mind can be said to contain everything that we are not thinking of at the moment but can easily attract our conscious awareness.

The conscious mind is thus involved in everything that you are currently aware of, or what you are thinking about. In simple terms is that being conscious is the ability to be aware of yourself and the things that are happening around you.

How to make your subconscious mind believe something

Go vegetarian

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Surprised that food is the first thing that you can use to make your mind believe something? Well better believe it does. many people are used to incorporating red meat in their diet, now with this kind of behavior your system picks it up and your subconscious gets used to it.

So when you now stop feeding on red meat and go completely vegetarian you are forcing your subconscious to accept the new system and thus in the future, it will become much easier for you to make your subconscious believe something but only if you follow through.


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The one most significant benefits of cardio is that it enhances the level of happy hormones in our system. The subconscious is concerned with the positive thoughts; therefore, when you engage in cardio you tend to be more positive and can be able to make your subconscious mind believe something.

Cardio exercises as we said earlier releases hormones that do wonders inside our bodies. For example, there is the serotonin that is known to boost our mood and thus make people more welcoming of ideas and more sociable, the chemical has also been known to calm the human body by regulating appetite, sleep, sexual desire, and memory.

Then we have the great dopamine that is produced when you focus on your cardio. Dopamine is a pleasure hormone and is stimulated when we settle on a goal and work to achieve it, the hormone helps us to focus our attention on the set goal thus enhances the memory and encourages learning.

Then we have adrenaline, and this is the best because it gives us flight therefore, one is able to maintain the excitement and strength when working towards something.

Be Mindful

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When you practice mindfulness you tend to block the unnecessary thoughts of the conscious mind and in turn, the dormant subconscious mind is activated. Mindfulness is the act of focusing on one goal at a time and making sure that you achieve it, and we all know how many obstacles we can obliterate just by focusing.

Therefore, if you want to develop the ability of focus, then best you engage in mindfulness meditation, which will even help you get better sleep and we all know how a well-rested brain performs, as it is usually happy and the subconscious can be easily tapped and made to believe something.

Speak success

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Ever heard of the saying we are what we say we are? Well, it does work, what you proclaim by your mouth and your mind is what you will become, so from this day onwards practice to say “I am” not “I hope.”

Something like I am working on it, not I hope to work on it in the near future. Such words give you the drive and motivation to achieve whatever it is that you want in life.

For example, if there is a negative thought that is slowly creeping into your mind, you can just block it or decide to look at the silver lining behind the negative thought, which will, in turn, uplift your moods.

But if you decide to believe the automatic thoughts that bounce off your conscious mind, you will have one terrible day and won’t be able to achieve anything good.


Most people don’t know this or rather know but choose to ignore, there is something about keeping a negative minded company.

This type of people always feel bad about themselves and try to project it on others, so when they are close to you, they will also make you feel bad about yourself, so how then will you convince your mind to believe something when you don’t even have the motivation to do it.

To this end, ensure that everything around you is positive, the type of music that you listen to, and the type of books that you read should all have positive messages.

Listen to inspiring speakers on podcasts, and any chance that you get to uplift yourself use it positively, see the good in everything and anything, but unfollow negative people, and cut off negative friends.

Open your mind

A closed mind mentality is a disease that will feed on your dreams. Before you believe that anything is possible, you have to be willing to see that it is actually possible. Whenever you program your mind to achieve something, no matter how many times you fail and how many times you get rejected you can never give up.

The reason being you have already seen the bigger picture in your mind and have decided that come rain or shine I have to achieve this goal then it is all yours for the taking.

Loose the “How”

Whenever you are working on something and it fails to work, your conscious mind will be very fast to remind you that this is not going to work, so you better quit and find something else to do.

But if you are conscious of your thoughts and decide to handle things from a different perspective then it might actually work. The idea here is to convince your mind that there is a way and not to keep asking yourself how?

See, when you ask “how” it means you are blocking any chances of coming up with alternatives, your brain stops working on finding solutions, and you will most probably quit yet there is a solution. If a potential opportunity presents itself don’t start asking how just believe in the possibility of it working out and jump right to it.

The power of repetition

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The moment you manage to influence your subconscious and the serotonin and dopamine are released via cardio you will most likely believe in it and achieve it.

Therefore, if you have a new thought or an action that will lead to something great, repeat it every day to yourself, but also you have to be dedicated to it such that you can feel it. look at the cancer survivors for example, they are always motivated to beat the ailment.

And every day they wake up with new hope and new energy to fight and even if they don’t look like they are going to win the war, they remain strong and eventually they are declared cancer-free.


If you believe it in your mind (subconscious) then nothing can stop you but also you have to observe the methods discussed above to first make your subconscious to be in sync with your goals.

Things like cardio and intentional diet changing practices are a sure way of attaining flexibility and it eventually, becomes easy for your mind to accept the new reality.