How to hypnotize someone in 6 seconds

Seasoned hypnotists can hypnotize someone in mere seconds. For those of you who are novices, you’ll require prepping for your six seconds of fame.

Here we cover what the prerequisites of six-second hypnosis are and how to go about safely hypnotizing someone. 

Hypnosis 101

When you’re trying to get someone in a trance, don’t think of it abstractly.

If you think of it that way, you’ll end up doing a lot more than you need. What helps is seeing trance being an everyday thing. When we are in a trance, our brain is relaxed.

That is what you have to achieve when you’re hypnotizing someone.

We put ourselves in a trance when we are meditating or daydreaming; you want to get the subject into something similar. That is where rapport comes in.

You want the person to trust you so that you’re able to hypnotize them.

When someone has their mental defenses up against you, hypnotizing them will be near impossible. You, therefore, want to create a fantastic first impression so that the person might be open to you.

There are varying degrees of openness, and that is what is referred to as suggestibility. Some people are more open to suggestions than others. 

Something else to keep in mind is that you’re doing nothing too different from what advertisers do.

They draw us in with images and words and finally drop suggestible commands about buying into the product, service, or cause.

When you’re watching an ad, your conscious mind is focused, and your subconscious mind relaxed, making it easy for advertisers to get you to do what they want.

Mostly, you’re doing something similar. Now that we have broken down the logic of hypnosis down into concepts that anyone can understand let’s get into what it requires.

You require full confidence in yourself if you’re to pull off hypnosis.

You equally need to be focused and relaxed so that you read the situation. That way, you’ll know how to speak to someone in the frequency they are in.  

Hypnotizing someone in six seconds

At this point, you have identified your mark.You have a rapport with them, and you’re having a casual conversation.

There are variations of what to do next, but they all lead to the same result: Establish the command that you want to tell the person–for example, you can tell that the person you feel is out of your league to dance with you.

Look into your subject’s eyes. Make your eyes soft because you don’t want to look creepy. 

Start with making a comment and following it up with a reinforcing movement.

For example, “this is a fun party; I like the music” and nod your head coolly to the music. 

Say the words with confidence so that you have the person’s full attention. Keep a steady tone; you want to sound like you mean the words. 

Begin a story such as “that reminds me, there was this one time…” and continue telling an exciting story.

Keep your eyes on your mark if it’s just the two of you. If you’re in a group look around; you might end up hypnotizing more than one person. 

Before you finish the story, make a switch right before the climax and talk about something equally exciting. 

At this point, your subject will be confused. They will want to know how the first story ends.

When they are in that space of concentration, make command in the form of a suggestion, for example, “Hmm, I love this song, let’s dance to it.” 

Take Caution

Remember that when you are practicing hypnosis, you are responsible for the person that you’re hypnotizing.

Therefore use it safely and with discretion.

You might want to go in and do the sleep command, try not to. 

image of a caution sign

You don’t want to make someone do something that serious without their consent. That is especially if an injury might come about because you didn’t hold them in time. 

Wrap up

Hypnosis is all about the power of suggestions. The resource Conversational Persuasion and Influence is a resource that can shed more light.

For everyday applications, it will take you a long way.It is not reserved for parties where you have to dance with your crush.

You can also use them on your friends who are stressed out, hypnotizing them to relax. It can also work for conflicts where you’re able to get your way.

Therefore hypnosis is not all about tricks; it is quite practical.