How to Hypnotize Someone to Love You

Can you make someone that has no feelings for you develop them over hypnosis? No, because the practice is not magic and so it cannot put feelings where they are not.

What it does is improve your communication skills with each other to help you get along better and to understand each other. 

Hypnosis works a lot better when there is rapport between two people, which is to say they will have cultivated some harmony amongst themselves.

If you are already in a place of harmony and are conversing, then small differences can be ironed out with hypnosis to build a lasting relationship. 

When trying to make someone fall in love with you, you want to be a better, compassionate person and others will naturally gravitate towards you.

When you listen to people, speak to them without judgment, and treat them kindly, they will be drawn to you in ways no mystical practice can.

Positive energy catches the attention of others, and you will slowly see them wanting to associate with you more, which is how love starts and is nurtured. 

As you work towards these feelings, you may notice your partner slipping away, which is where hypnosis could help, they are probably not having some of their emotional needs met, and so they slowly drift away.

Communication is great for solving almost any problem, but sometimes one partner may not be able to sufficiently voice their concerns.

Getting them to open up through conversational persuasion during hypnosis could bring out the issue and help you understand them better.

But as we have already noted, this would only happen where there is love and good communication. 

Send out Positive Energy

Before getting started, you want to send out positive energy to attract similar energy.

You really don’t want to hypnotize a person that has no feelings for you into loving you, because it is not a forceful practice They will repel and the aftermath could hurt even deeper.

Before you put them in a trance, be sure you have a connection that you are willing to explore. 

Set the Mood Right – Dig Deeper into their Brain

You are certain the person has feelings for you and you now want to establish a deeper contact. You are ready to get into the darker parts of their brain without fear.

To get the most of a session, you want to tap into the person’s subconscious.

They conscious is the present moment. It is what you are thinking of and so you are aware of yourself.

This is the awakened part of the brain, and so you cannot manipulate it in any way. 

The subconscious, on the other hand, is controlled by emotions. It is the dark part of the brain where emotions and insecurities are buried, and you want to explore it in a safe environment such as a clinic where you can control the outcome.

The subject will of course, need to feel safe too to unburden their darkest part.

In getting to the subconscious, you want to bypass the conscious mind.

Overload the subconscious mind so that it zones out and becomes vulnerable. At this point, the conscious part of the brain will be too busy to bother with the subconscious. 

This you can do with three steps that will take a while; Intrigue, Future projections, and Fractionation. 

Create Some Intrigue

When you are trying to get the attention of another, you want to make yourself unavailable to them.

Do not text them every few seconds or try to see them whenever they ask.

Making yourself scarce will make them appreciate you more, and they will want to start making an effort. This definitely targets the subconscious part of their brain. 

Future Projections

You will have overloaded your intended partner’s conscious with your mind games when you made yourself unavailable, and now is time to sneak right back in.

Text them telling them what you would want for the future – maybe to go vacation with them in a place where no one knows the two of you, or how you would appreciate a nice dinner in an yacht in the middle of the ocean with only the two of you at some point in the future.

This will put them in a trance because they will be trying to process the initial absence of your attention first.

By the time they know what’s hit them, they are already in the place you wanted them mentally – focused on you and paying you the attention you have been longing. 


This last part of the process involves you digging into the other person’s subconscious mind to dig out positive and negative experiences that have shaped their lives.

It makes one vulnerable, and this is the part that you want to try in a controlled environment because it could alter the way they see life completely.

By replacing some of their old beliefs with new ones, they are altering their past in some ways, and creating new beliefs. They will, at this point, make you their center of attention. 

How Hypnotherapy Works

The mind is always active – thinking things up processing what is happening around and finding solutions.

It hardly takes them time to relax and focus on nothing, which is why it is true that most of us don’t live in the moment. We are consumed by the noise around us. 

This happens in love too.

When your partner or that person that you desire is close to you, you hardy allow your mind to think about that present moment, which may over time interfere with your connection. 

Before trying to create a spark, you may want to consider some things; your subconscious may be telling you that you are out of the league of the person you like.

You are not beautiful/handsome enough, and your career could do better before they even notice you. You may not notice it, but what is keeping you from the object of your desire is not you but them. So, before hypnotizing them into loving you, you may want to work on your subconscious first.

Get yourself hypnotized first to deal with those fears that are preventing you from being with them.

If you start seeing yourself differently, they are likely to do the same because your self-esteem will get a much-needed boost and you will believe you deserve better. You will boldly go for what you should have, and they will in turn fall in love with the new you. 

Can you attract Someone that Doesn’t Want you? 

Well, some hypnotists sat it works, but that would only be for a short period of time – if it did. As we have emphasized, persuasion works best when both parties are interested in each other.

The both of you have feelings for each other, but these feelings are not so clear to one party.

The level of mental manipulation brought by hypnosis works on ripe ground, meaning there is already some good rapport. 

When you put the other party in a trance, they slowly start seeing what they have been missing and they align their subconscious mind to see things your way.

They will do this voluntarily and it will last. If it is forced, then the brain will get over it as soon as the conscious mind starts seeing clearly, and you will go back to where you started. 

So, no matter how many hours you are on it, the above technique will not work if there is no connection between the two of you.

Your partner has to want to be a part of the plan for them to be hypnotized into loving you.  The brain, after all, is a powerful organ that cab reverse itself especially when in doubt. 

Change that Negative View

Negativity is buried deep into our subconscious, and most of us don’t even notice ever.

We talk ourselves deeper into negativity, and so at some point we start believing we need a mystical happening to make people fall in love with us.

But a simple change of view could be exactly what the doctor ordered for others to see us in a positive way. 

Final Words

You need to believe in your heart that you are the right person by having a positive look at yourself.

You need to hypnotize yourself first into believing you are awesome and worthy of the attention of the person you desire before you can pull them to yourself.

Unless you truly believe you are worthy, no one will see you as such. You are your fiercest cheerleader, and this hypnosis will only work when you believe this first.