Romantic Body Language

It is said that ninety percent of our communication can be read by our body language. Body language is also the most accurate way of reading and understanding what someone is feeling or thinking at the moment.

When it comes to romancing, body language can play a key role on knowing what to do to attract your partner more. It helps you know whether your partner is feeling you or not.

Even before a conversation occurs between two romantic partners, body language is used to signal interest to the other. It could be something as simple as a glimpse or eye movement or a smile. This is enough to signal the potential partner to approach.

The above examples are body movements to watch out for when far from the target. When closer and conversing, there are other body movements that you can see in your partner that can tell you what they are thinking. Being able to read body language in romantic situations is body movements never lie.

Watch out for these body movements

Eye ContactImage for eyes


The eyes are regarded as the windows of the soul it’s easy to see why. The eyes show you the real emotion someone is feeling at that moment. In romantic situations, eye contact especially if held for slightly a long time, could indicate interest in someone.

When repeated or recurrent, there is definitely interest in the other person. If the gaze moves from one eye to the other, this indicates attraction. When the glance moves up and down to the lips, this indicates attraction and lust. You might want to kiss you partner when they do this.

If the person is avoiding eye contact, there could be a number of reasons for this. The person may not be comfortable around you, they may be nervous or it could mean they are lying or feel guilty about something they did. It could also be a sign of distancing themselves.

Preening behavior

Image for preening behavior

Preening is a natural process that all animals including us humans do. It is the process of making yourself more attractive to your partner. Thick of all the dates you’ve gone to and how much time and effort you put into preparing and cleaning up.

This however only happens when there is an attraction. It may involve straightening the hair, putting on some nice cologne and constantly checking yourself on a mirror.

Enactment of lust

Image for lust

This is almost similar to preening with just a bit more of sexy. Enactments can be done either subconsciously or consciously. They may include stroking the arm or leg, parting the lips, stroking objects such as the glass or stroking the face.

All these indicate a readiness of sexual activity. However, consent is of the essence you should always wait for that yes before doing anything. A partner may lick their lips to show they want a kiss. Acts of enactment mainly indicate attraction and lust.

Making certain body parts more prominent

Image for showing some skin

Another natural body language to note when there is attraction is that a person may make certain parts of their body more prominent. They do this by either exposing it or thrusting the body part forward. Sometimes the person may wiggle attractive parts of their body.

For women, these parts include the neck, the breasts, legs and bottom. For men the parts are: the arms, the legs, the muscular torso or chest. With this language, there is a lot of faking to seem more attractive. Men may press their muscles together to give the impression of a muscular body.

They may also hold out their shoulders and arms to make their body appear bigger. Women may press their breasts together to appear firmer and larger, sometimes they may use special bras that perform the same function. Both genders may hold their breath to make their tummy appear more flat.

According to our primal instincts, we do these for the natural purpose of survival and keeping the human race alive. Women need to show they are healthy enough to bear a man’s child and men have to show they are strong and powerful enough to protect their woman and child.

Leaning into each other

Image for getting close to each other

Leaning is one of the most common ways to show attraction. As a man and a woman meet and talk to each other more and more, you will notice that the distance between them rapidly reduces. This is because as familiarity and attraction grows, the natural body movement is to be drawn to each other.

It can start with head tilting and then the body. It is usually coupled with listening carefully and eye contact as they listen. Leaning can work in both ways though.

When the other person leans away from you, there is a high chance they are not interested and is an indication to leave them alone. You will also notice that they are not paying much attention to what you are saying.

Copying and imitation

When there is attraction, there will be imitation in what the other person is doing. It could be the use of a single word the other person keeps using.

When the person suddenly mentions this word, it is a sign that they are interested and attracted. Imitation aims to show the other person that you have something in common and is one of the most natural languages we use.

The imitation could be in body movements such as similar standing position and using the same gestures while speaking. If you notice you partner doing this, you’re in luck because it means they are attracted to you.


Touching is a very common body language that always means there is attraction. They signify a deeper intimacy as touch s considered a very personal thing.

When flirting, the touch may be as simple as brushing the arms ‘accidentally.’ In more intimate situations touch becomes caressing.

Caressing is simply gently stroking a safe part of the body at first and then proceeding to sexual regions. If touch is repelled, it could be a sign that there is no attraction. It could also mean that they are simply not comfortable with you yet. Always try and read more than one body language for accurate deductions.


Romantic body language is the most accurate way of understanding what the other person feels. Body language carries more information than words ever will.

It is important to learn how to read body language as it will be much easier to interact and understand people. When reading body language, always try and read more than one body language for accurate deductions