Advanced Eight-Week Hypnotist Certification review

When people hear the word ‘hypnosis,’ they quickly jump to thinking about a mysterious person putting you into a trance-like state by dangling some sort of pendulum in front of their faces. As a result, you could end up barking like a dog or clucking like a hen, before an amused audience.

Contrary to popular belief, there is more to hypnosis than meets the eye.

This practice is a therapeutic remedy used in treating various illnesses and conditions, relieving stress, treating sleep conditions, as well as pain management, including the pain of giving birth.

There is a high demand for well-trained hypnotists in the world.

Hypnotists help their clients to overcome some of their deeply rooted phobias and overcome some self-destructive habits, bringing a lot of satisfaction to the hypnotists as well as a good source of income and lifestyle.

If you are fascinated by hypnosis, I recommend the Advanced Seven-Week Hypnotist Certification Program by Dr. Steve G. Jones.

NameAdvanced Seven-Week Hypnotist Certification Program
PublisherDr. Steve G. Jones
Durationeight-weeks to one year
LocationAn online course
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What is the Advanced Seven-Week Hypnotist Certification Program?

The Advanced Seven-Week Hypnotist Certification Program is an online course for anyone who wants to join and practice in the world of hypnotherapy.

By taking this course, you will be a trained hypnotist with the ability to assist people with deep-rooted issues, like various self-destructive behaviors.

Even though you do not want to become a hypnotherapist, this course also helps in self-realization, breaking negative cycles, and overall peace of mind within an individual.

This program has a minimum completion duration of eight weeks and a maximum of one year if you decide to go at your own slow and secure pace. The course offers a complete and detailed introduction to hypnosis.

It also has various inductions, pre-talks, scripts, and various audiobooks, e-books, and PDFs, with all the information you need to learn about hypnosis.

The course involves about 120 hours of instruction. Upon enrollment, you will have instant access to the student portal, where you will have various videos, alumni work, and audios, once you key in your personal password.

Upon completion and graduation, you will receive a certificate from the American Alliance of Hypnotists, plus you will also be able to communicate with Dr. Steve G. Jones directly through email.

More so, you will also feature on a directory list of top-ranked hypnotists on the American Alliance of Hypnotists website. Graduates from this program also receive lifetime support from other hypnotists in the field.

Through the American Alliance of Hypnotists websites, you also get regular notifications and hypnosis scripts that ensure you remain well advanced in your area of practice.

You also get access to various clients whom you can directly assist with issues like confidence, weight loss, building wealth, and motivation.

Completion of the program also provides you with a Business Guide for Hypnotherapists, which equips you with the relevant know-how when using your newly acquired skills in a business context.

About the instructor

The Advanced Seven-Week Hypnotist Certification Program is created by Dr. Steve G. Jones, a certified American clinical hypnotist.

He teaches the course online and in-person, depending on the availability of the students. Dr. Steve G. Jones has about twenty years of experience as a certified clinical hypnotist and is a member of various organizations involving hypnotists.

He is the director of the Steve G. Jones School of Hypnotherapy as well as the president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Dr. Steve G. Jones has a Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.S.) from the University of Florida. He also has a Master’s Degree in Education (M.Ed.) from Armstrong Atlantic State University and a Doctorate Degree in Education (Ed.D) from Georgia Southern University.

What does the course entail?

This program is a self-paced course that is 100% based on online correspondence and may take any time between eight weeks and one year to complete. It consists of seven modules, with an eighth module being the final exam.

Generally, it takes approximately one week to complete one module, but you can opt to move at your own pace. Upon enrollment, you will immediately receive four PDFs by Dr. Steve G. Jones, including:

  • Advanced Hypnotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy Case Studies
  • Hypnotherapy Scripts Vol. 2
  • Hypnotherapy Inductions and Deepenings Vol. 2

From the second to the seventh module, there are assignments at the end, which require completion. Correspondence is mainly through email or mail, depending on which is more comfortable for you. Here are the features of this course.

1. Introduction

The first module is an introduction to clinical hypnotherapy and how modern-day clinical hypnotherapy has evolved into how the American Medical Association (AMA) accepts it.

This section also covers how the environment controls your hypnotherapy sessions and the responsibilities of a hypnotist. It also teaches you how to record hypnotherapy sessions effectively.

2. Pre-talks

As the foundation of a hypnosis session, pre-talk is where a hypnotist explains to the client what hypnosis is while reassuring him of its benefits.

Often, clients, especially if this is their first time to experience hypnosis, have several questions that require satisfying answers to get rid of any misconceptions and doubts.

This module teaches you how to answer these questions and how to maintain professionalism at all times. It also educates you on the various levels of hypnosis, which you can share with the client during this part of your hypnosis session.

3. Inductions

Inductions relax the client before he/she enters a state of trance. This module teaches you how to effectively induct your client into a hypnotic state most quickly and efficiently.

4. Deepenings

After the inductions, you will want to usher the client deeper into the hypnotic state. This part of the program teaches you proven techniques to make your client goes more in-depth into hypnosis and relax completely.

5. Hypnotic scripts

Once the client is in complete relaxation after the deepening session, this is when you want to deliver the message of positive change in his/her subconscious mind. Scripts are the meat of the hypnosis experience since it is where the therapy occurs.

From this module, you learn some powerful and tested scripts that you can use as examples to create your personal scripts.

6. Amnesia

As one of the more fascinating topics in hypnosis, amnesia involves making the client’s conscious mind forget about the occurrences within the session, to avoid over-analysis and undoing the work done during the session.

However, the memory remains engraved in the subconscious mind, making this positive change an effortless task.

7. Trance termination

After successfully relaxing the client, providing hi/her with the positive change information, and facilitating them to forget the session consciously, you have to end the trance/session. This is where this module comes into play.

It teaches you the most effective and professional way to end the session without undoing any of the progress you have made.

8. Final examination

At the end of the course, you have to showcase your newly acquired and powerful skills.

The course provides a final written exam that you have to complete and submit together with an audio recording that is part of a project in your assignments, to facilitate your graduation.

The final exam contains a total of eleven questions, which you can use any material to answer the questions and at your own pace. Once you submit the answers to the questions, it takes approximately a few days to receive your results.

After the training is complete and you pass your final examination, you will graduate by obtaining a certificate and joining the online list of Certified Hypnotists, among other benefits.


  • Self-paced modules that are easy to understand
  • Open online enrollment, making it accessible to any interested parties
  • Completion of the course takes a minimum of seven weeks and a maximum of one year
  • After completion of the training, graduates get a lifetime career support from the American Alliance of Hypnotists
  • Listing on the hypnotist directory after completion


  • There are no in-person training sessions


Contrary to popular belief, anyone can learn hypnosis in the least time possible. Dr. Steve G. Jones found a way to train various people with a passion for helping others as hypnotists.

Hypnotherapy, in a therapeutic context, helps in considerable personal advantages, like those in health, relationships, and overall personal growth. Get professional training to perform this powerful therapeutic tool and watch your life transform for the better.