Master Mentalism review: How does it work?

Professional magicians are known to keep their craft a complete secret from the public to maintain the charm of their tricks. Similarly, there are several guides available in the market that cost a fortune but deliver very little content.

As a result, many new mentalists and magicians become frustrated at the thought of buying manuals or guides. Luckily, Master Mentalism is not one of them.

It is a guide that expounds on many secrets in mentalism, like mind-reading, illusions, remote viewing, and many more. Mater Mentalism promises to expose the secrets of magic tricks and mentalism of superstar magicians in less than 30 days.

So, let us find out what Master Mentalism is all about.

NameMaster Mentalism
Author(s)Ryan Clarke


Mr. X

PackageFour books
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What is Master Mentalism?

Master Mentalism consists of tons of valuable and helpful magic secrets.

This extraordinary e-manual has various well-known tricks practiced by A-list magicians, like Criss Angel, David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Derren Brown, among many others.

It reveals their tactics and various shortcuts to successfully mastering their level of mentalism, in the least time possible. Similarly, the manual has different interviews from these great minds, as well as an introduction to hypnosis and its basic concepts.

Once you master the tricks in Master Mentalism, you can instantly and easily command respect, entertain anyone around you, and make friends too.

It also offers new and improved personal and interpersonal skills, builds your confidence, and improves your life in general. The manual provides a step-by-step guide that significantly reduces your learning time of mentalism.

Who are the authors?

This manual has two authors; Ryan Clarke and Mr. X. Mr. X is one of the most renowned professional magicians and mentalists during his time.

Basically, he is the go-to guy when professional magicians had a television appearance or a stage performance where they were required to display some new tricks for their audience.

He taught mentalism to superstar magicians on an exclusive one-on-one basis and charged a considerable amount of money afterward.

After 20 years of refining his craft by teaching mentalism and magic tricks to only those who could afford it, Mr. X sought assistance from Ryan Clark to develop the guide ‘Master Mentalism.’

With this step-by-step guide, any person can master any magic and mentalism trick in less than 30 days. Read on and find out what the guide entails.

What is in the Mater Mentalism Package?

The Master Mentalism package contains four well-explained books. With the writing prowess of Ryan Clark, readers can understand every section comprehensively.

The manual discusses a variety of topics in an easy-to-follow manner, ascertaining the reader does not miss out on anything. The package consists of:

  • A guide in PDF format
  • 500 Card Tricks Revealed and its guide
  • Bonus Magic Tricks Book
  • David Blaine Brutally Exposed

The main guide

Master Mentalism guide has approximately 200+ pages of magic and mentalism tricks performed by some of the superstar magicians of all time.

This manual offers magicians and mentalists a broad-ranging base to build their unique power without compromising their authenticity and prowess. Great magicians do not perform the same old lame magic trick for their audience.

They combine a wide array of techniques to amaze their audience with their unique blend of artistry. Similarly, this manual teaches new mentalists and magicians impressive skills, like illusions, spoon bending, levitation, remote viewing, hypnosis, mind-reading, and so much more.

At the beginning of reading the guide, you will notice the author begins with the more straightforward tricks and progresses to the more complex ones as you read further.

Every magic trick has detailed explanations, allowing you to master them in less than 30 days. The guide contains six different sections. They include:

  • Mentalism, Mind-Reading, and Psychological illusions
  • Interviews with David Blaine and Criss Angel
  • The Secrets of David Copperfield
  • Levitation Techniques
  • Card Tricks

Have you ever wondered how David Copperfield made the Statue of Liberty vanish? Well, this guide has all the answers. It serves as a complete blueprint to learn magic and mentalism like a professional, even if you are new to the whole thing.

By following the explanations provided, you can develop your magic tricks and level of mentalism to any level you wish. Furthermore, the tricks in the guide are unique, intuitive, easy-to-learn, and informative.

Every newbie interested in mentalism can learn and understand the basics of magic tricks, allowing them to profit from the program while getting the attention they deserve.

Over 500 Tricks Revealed in the guide

Another part of the Master Mentalism Package is 483-pages full of famous card tricks, sleights, forces, false cuts, and more.

If you have ever wondered how a magician gets you to pick an ace of spades and then get the same card stuck on glass or wall after throwing all the cards, then you need to get this package.

With all these card tricks at your disposal, you can deceive anyone you want with your newly acquired skill.

David Blaine Brutally Exposed

The package also comes with an exposé on David Blaine. If you are familiar with the world of mentalism in various media centers, you must have come across David Blaine.

As an American illusionist and extreme performer, he is known for his high-profile feats of endurance shown on television. He is also known for setting and breaking several world records in the world of magic and mentalism.

This Master Mentalism Bonus item reveals the secrets behind some of his remarkable performances, such as The Balducci Levitation, Cigarette Through Coin, Coffee To Coins, and The Twisting Arm Illusion, to name a few.

This book shows you exactly how he performs these renowned tricks and how he gets his audience to react in amazement of his tricks and techniques.

30 Days Free Access to Mesmerize Monthly

Upon purchasing this package, serious clients get 30-day instant access to the in-depth knowledge behind several types of tricks performed throughout the years.

This membership also offers you many magic books at your disposal to help you learn actual magic and mentalism, as well as access to full-length conversational hypnosis audios and mentalism videos.

Within the 30-day subscription, you can get new and wonderful resources in the world of mentalism and magic weekly.

However, after the free 30-days of full access to Mesmerize Monthly, you have the option to pay $47 every month for a continued subscription, instead of the usual $97. Similarly, you can also cancel your membership within the free 30-day membership period.

Who is the Master Mentalism Package for?

This simple step-by-step program is designed for anyone interested in the world of mentalism and magic. Total beginners with no prior experience or knowledge can learn fast from this package.

Furthermore, the package also has more advanced techniques and tricks that intermediate or advanced learners can pursue.

Master Mentalism elaborates on the concept and psychology behind magic and mentalism, allowing the learner even to design his/her tricks and techniques. It also comes at a very affordable price and a 60-day full money-back guarantee.

If that is not enough, even after a full refund, you still get to keep the manual.


  • Easy-to-understand package with a simple step-by-step approach
  • Numerous tricks and techniques ideal for newbie, intermediate, and advanced learners
  • Pocket-friendly
  • 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days
  • The package expounds on the psychology and secrets behind magic and mentalism, allowing learners to create their own techniques and tricks
  • Fast results, within 30-days


  • Its affordable price tempts people to think that it is not real and does not accrue any actual results
  • The author makes the tricks and techniques sound too simple, allowing the learner to consider that the learning process is easy, yet it still requires loads of effort and practice


The Master Mentalism Package is legit and one of the best mentalism resources available in the market. From the actual program to the price to the bonuses, you get authentic and valuable information in half the learning time.

Even if you have never done a magic trick or practiced mentalism in your life, this program guarantees that you begin astonishing people as soon as you start reading and learning from it.