Best Guided Sleep Meditation for Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition where one is unable to fall and stay asleep for the recommended hours. Individuals with the disorder have the tendency to get up in the middle of the night and can barely get some sleep when they decide to go back to bed.

According to Sleep Education, 10% of adults in America experience chronic insomnia, which occurs up to 3 times in one week and lasts for up to 3 months.

And about 35% of individuals experience briefcases of insomnia, while 20% experience short term insomnia which rarely exceeds 3 months.

The recommended sleep time for adults is 7 to 8 hours; however, if you have recently gone through a traumatizing event then you might suffer from short term insomnia; solutions abound none the less like the best-guided sleep meditation for insomnia.

Long term or chronic insomnia is normally associated with a medical condition but there are cases where insomnia is usually the underlying problem.  So how can you tell that you are suffering from insomnia, the first and most obvious sign is irritability and anxiety, some people even become depressed.

You will also find that you can barely close your eyes to sleep or you wake up very early in the morning or in the middle of the night.

People suffering from insomnia will feel fatigued in the morning and might experience difficulties paying attention, or have problems remembering or focusing on particular tasks. With the above conditions, the most viable decision you could make is to see a doctor

Causes of Insomnia

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So what are the major causes of insomnia, for starters chronic insomnia could be associated with medications, certain medical conditions such as overactive thyroid, cancer, or heart diseases? Mental health disorders are also known to cause insomnia; also, consuming nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol in the evening would deprive one of sleep because they are stimulants.

Insomnia can also become common when people start to age since many older people don’t get involved in too much activity and therefore, have difficulties getting some sleep in the night. Health factors also interfere with sleep, for example, back problems and arthritis could lead to lack of sleep.

Irregular work schedules will also cause you to have sleepless nights, and you will end up with an abnormal sleep-wake cycle where your body does not know when to sleep or when to stay awake.

The best-guided sleep meditation for insomnia.

Sleep guided meditations

Sleep guided meditations are designed to rid you of your thoughts and offer rest to the mind, and in the process, the parasympathetic nervous system will be activated, which will then lower your breathing and heart rate.

  • Guided Sleep Meditation (Lauren Ostrowski Fenton)

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Lauren Ostrowski has created a guided sleep meditation suitable for people of all ages that is it can work on both the kids and adults. Ostrowski does have a deep relaxing voice that plays during the meditation that will have you drift to sleep, the splashing water at the shore is also calming.

He first starts by guiding you on how to positions yourself and how to breathe and then slowly listen to the water waves and as your mind relaxes sleep is initiated.

  • Cultivate Self Love While You Sleep (Guided Meditation by Nicky Sutton)

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Given that the subconscious mind is always awake even as we sleep, Nicky Sutton has designed a sleep meditation that trains the mind into engaging in positive thought patterns.

So what she does first is to ensure that you are relaxed and as you slip into a deep sleep the affirmations begin to communicate to your subconscious mind.

The guided meditation by Sutton has been specially designed to program a person’s subconscious mind into self-love.

  • Guided Meditation-Blissful Deep Relaxation (Rick Clarke)

The guided meditation by Rich Clarke is meant to ease one into deep relaxation. The recording has incorporated some soft music that also moves slowly and has some gentle waves from the background that induce a relaxation mode and slowly ease you to sleep.

  • Guided Meditation for Sleep (Jason Stephenson)

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Guided meditation by Jason Stephenson is meant to first relax your body then take you to a peaceful and serene place without your thoughts of course. And as your body takes up space it will connect with your mind and as you focus on these two elements your body will ease into total relaxation.

Guided Meditation for a Deep Peaceful and Calm Sleep

If you feel restless and want to calm down then this is the right meditation for you because it has incorporated the use of guided imagery to calm both the restless mind and body. The guided meditation has also incorporated some guided music that is slow and drifting which helps to induce deep peaceful and calm sleep.

  • Sleep Talk down Guided Meditation (Jason Stephenson)

The guided meditation by Jason Stephenson is meant to make one fall asleep faster, and has, therefore, combined the use of spoken word and music, listeners are, therefore, comforted to sleep.

  • Guided Meditations for Sleep (Nicky Sutton) Hypnosis and Subconscious programming to fall asleep

The guided meditation for sleep helps to first tap into your subconscious; your mind will then relax as it prepares you for sleep.

The first part only takes 17minutes and given its effectiveness you will most likely fall asleep earlier, but in case you are able to stay on for longer then the subconscious affirmations will begin that will take care of the things that are blocking your sleep.

The guided meditation has incorporated the use of music and a background female voice that is not only relaxing but also soothing.

  • Angelic Music with Affirmations for Sleeping and Healing (Jason Stephenson)

The guided meditation by Jason Stephenson has incorporated the use of visuals and some soft angelic voice in the background combined with soothing music, the meditation also has intermittent affirmations that come in intervals.

  • Deep Sleep Meditation with affirmations (Power Thoughts Meditation Club)

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The deep sleep meditations with affirmations has a soothing male voice on the background that guides you up to the point that the music stops and lets you drift into a deep sleep. The meditation by power thoughts meditation club is designed to boost a person’s self-esteem.

  • Perfect Deep Sleep (The Honest Guys)

Guided meditations by the Honest Guys are normally short and this one is even shorter so that as you drift into a deep sleep, the meditation will end leaving you to a deep but peaceful sleep. The meditation is a combination of some slow soothing music and a relaxing voice.

  • Deep Sleep Music (Soothing Relaxation)

So here is a guided meditation that has used the Isochronic tones and the Binaural beats. The meditation is designed to guide you into some deep sleep, and begins with the theta band and slowly lulls the listener into the delta wave zone where they will enter into a deep sleep.

The guided meditation also has incorporated the sound of the ocean waves with relaxing music, a powerful combination that will put you to sleep.

  • Gentle Night Rain Sounds for Relaxing Seep( The Relaxed Guy)

 Normally the gentle night rain has a soothing effect that gently puts one to sleep, now that is what you will get from the gentle night rain sounds from the relaxed guy. So here there isn’t any music or voice but just some gentle sound of the night rain.