Conversational Hypnosis Review: an honest review of Igor Ledochowski

.We have different conversations with different people every day. Having the ability to convince someone to do something is an incredible power.

This miraculous ability assists you in improving the quality of your relationships while strengthening the way you communicate and relate with others.

The valuable skill of persuasion lies in the technique of conversational hypnosis. Also referred to as covert hypnosis, conversational hypnosis focuses on how your brain reacts and responds to certain stimuli.

It describes how recognizing behavioral patterns and goals form the core to success in life. The brilliant author, Igor Ledochowski, advances the power of conversational hypnosis. Without further ado, let us quickly delve into this in-depth review of the power of conversational hypnosis.

NameThe power of Conversational Hypnosis
AuthorIgor Ledochowski
PackageThe main course in both e-book and audiobook format and several bonus products
Payment optionsPayPal or Credit card
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What is ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ Program?

Covert/conversational hypnosis is part of the school of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). This field of study focuses on how you use your brain and your level of communication while aiming to achieve desired results.

One of the central towers of NLP is that you need to visualize your goals and adopt the necessary behavioral patterns to succeed.

Conversational hypnosis involves re-evaluating and re-adopting a new mode of communication to acquire the skill of persuasion and get people to do what you want them to do.

It is an instrumental skill to salespeople as they can quickly get people to purchase their products. However, you should not use this technique to cause harm or achieve illegal things due to ethical implications.

The process of conversational hypnosis requires active listening, building a healthy rapport, confusing the subject, and giving strong suggestions that are more favorable to your specific point of view.

Learning the ropes around conversational hypnosis is quite complicated and requires adequate effort and patience.

You also need to have professional help, like from ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ by Igor Ledochowski. As a top-selling comprehensive course, this valuable program will assist you in achieving covert hypnosis in no time.

About the author

Igor Ledochowski is a master persuader and world-renowned hypnotist. He is also a lecturer, coach, teacher, and Fortune 500 consultant, among many other professional hats.

Furthermore, Igor has a background in law, whereby he was involved in various high-level negotiations that required him to master persuasive language.

His knowledge in persuasive language became so impressive that several Fortune 500 companies sought him out to teach their senior-level management on covert hypnosis and the power of persuasion.

In 2002, he released the best seller of all time audio course books on conversational hypnosis. It was after this successful endeavor that he combined the knowledge and teachings from that course with his interpretation of the ancient strategies and methods as laid out by Milton H. Erickson, creating ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis.’

Since its introduction to the market, this comprehensive digital course is one of the top-selling digital information products with thousands of members/buyers.

Inside the package

From the author comes this exceptional product of conversational hypnosis with a step-by-step approach to making the learner understand each section thoroughly.

This digital product comprises of eBooks, PDFs, downloadable audio mp3s, as well as some ‘cheat sheets’ to aid you in hitting the ground running much faster when it comes to NLP and conversational hypnosis.

When you buy the product, you acquire instant access to the ‘members’ only’ area for more advanced resources. The course has 12 complete and well-discussed sections.

Each section contains different methods and examples to assist you to comprehend the art of persuasion easily.

The chapters include:

  • How to use conversational hypnosis to get the power to make people do what you want
  • Mind-reading through building a deep connection
  • Ways to change someone’s perspective and create a hypnotic trance
  • How to make people follow your instructions and suggestions
  • The fundamental technique of altering someone’s behavior
  • Advanced language secrets for easier and more effective covert hypnosis
  • Hypnotic storytelling secrets to get control over other people’s actions
  • How to use conversational hypnosis in daily conversations
  • Advanced hypnotic storytelling (part 2)
  • How to attract the attention of other people
  • The secrets of human influence
  • How to master and use conversational hypnosis in the shortest time possible

By investing sufficient time and effort in learning the concept and techniques in each of these chapters, you will have the power of conversational hypnosis at your disposal.

Not only does this program help you influence others, but it also aids in personal development. The mind is a powerful organ, so long as you know how to tap into its power and use it to your benefit. The following are some of the top features of this program.

Top features

  • Cheat sheets on conversational hypnosis
  • A manual on conversational hypnosis
  • 9-step blueprint on how to master hypnosis
  • Bonus disks on covert hypnosis
  • The actual manuals are in e-book, PDF, and audio file format
  • Instant membership to the Igor community
  • 60-day full money-back guarantee
  • Takeaway lessons and teachings


1. Highly-effective

Unlike many other digital courses available on the internet, this program has actual results with many real testimonials from members and other people who have completed the course.

However, you have to practice keenness and follow actually what the book stipulates. The course provides everything the learner needs to become proficient in conversational hypnosis, provided he/she puts his/her mind into it.

2. High-quality Material

The complete package consists of an assortment of materials from which the learner can choose the best for his/her learning experience.

However, it is best to use all the content provide together.

The program has intuitive, in-depth, informative, and well-polished materials designed to cater to your needs, allowing you to make significant milestones in your personal development.

3. Money-back guarantee

In case you do not find the content of this package helpful to you, you do not have to worry about losing your money. The program has a 60-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked and no hassle.

As a result, your investment is secure and you do not have to worry.

4. Safe online purchasing platforms

Due to numerous cases of fraud in online purchases, this program ascertains its buyers of a secure investment with various security measures put in place to protect your personal information.

Whether you are paying through PayPal or your credit card, the program assures you of discreet and safe online payments. The server contains top-notch security features, ensuring your information is secure from third-party access, fraudsters, and hackers.


1. It is not cheap

‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ is not necessarily the most affordable digital product in the market. At about $197, the complete course will definitely cause a dent in your wallet.

Luckily, it is the price to pay for high-quality and compelling content. As a result, many people do not prefer spending such an amount of money for an online product.

2. Too much information

Some learners have complained of too much information thorn their way at once when reading the manuals. There is no smooth progression as the program begins with profound and complex topics from the beginning, which may be a bit difficult for beginners.

However, you may opt to take small steps while learning and consult the bonus materials, like the cheat sheets. As such, you will slowly adjust your mindset and become accustomed to the teaching style and content available.

3. Far-fetched promises on conversational hypnosis (to some extent)

Although I am a firm believer of the conversational hypnosis, this course tends to overhype the system as having the ability to solve all your life’s problems. Indeed, there is immense power in the ability to convince and persuade other people’s way of thought and actions.

However, it is not the silver bullet you need to solve all your life’s issues. In the appropriate situations, you will achieve fantastic results by deploying the right mindset and careful application as taught in this course.

Remember that you have to combine the methods in conversational hypnosis with other NLP-based strategies, like increasing self-confidence.


Igor Ledochowski’s ‘The Power of Conversational Hypnosis’ is one of the excellent guides on conversational hypnosis available in the digital market.

If you are seriously looking to learn about this mind-opening and exciting concept, I strongly recommend purchasing this program. Effective persuasion will definitely change your life, and the cost of doing so is absolutely worth it.