How to hypnotize your mom

For many years now, hypnosis is a legitimate form of therapy that is highly effective.

This type of treatment has stood the test of time by proving that it really works with many people who have tried it coming forward and attesting to its high level of efficiency.

Often, we find that we want our parents to support us in several ways and agree to many of our suggestions and plans. However, the reality of it all is that this is not always the case.

Hypnotic techniques allow us to take control of the thoughts in the subconscious mind of another person. Hypnosis has many different methods and styles.

Other than that used for entertainment purposes, therapeutic hypnosis helps in increasing motivation, stress management, or persuading someone to see your view or agree to your suggestions, among many others.

How to hypnotize your mom?

1. Find a secluded and peaceful place

When you want to hypnotize your mom, you must not make it an awkward session.

Initiate conversations like you usually do and act in a similar manner that you would in normal circumstances. Finding a serene location away from unwanted distractions will make the hypnosis and trance inducement more powerful.

Make sure your mom relaxes and gets comfortable, letting her guard down and speaks freely. When performing hypnosis, your client must be calm and relaxed.

The client should trust you with the ability to hold casual conversations with you easily.

If this is not the case, build a good rapport with your client to get rid of the awkwardness and break down the boundaries. When hypnotizing your mom, you should also remember not to trigger any feelings, especially negative ones.

Converse with her in a calm and relieving tone that does not awaken any negative emotions or memories, allowing you to access their trust bond with you, which you can use to induce a trance.

2. Begin the hypnosis session

Once your mom is at peace and in a relaxed feeling, you can now go ahead and begin the hypnosis session. You may suggest that she closes her eyes and takes deep breaths to calm and control her energies.

Induce her into a trance in the most relaxing and effective way.

You may ask her to imagine that every single muscle in her body is unwinding and becoming more at peace. Suggest that with every breath, her body relaxes even more as she continues to exhale.

If she follows the instructions to the latter, she will be in a state of complete focus and relaxation in no time. It also helps when you mention specific body parts to let loose.

For instance, you may delicately say, ‘loosen your fingers, hands, toes, and arms,’ making their conscious mind center around these body parts. Ask her how it feels to unwind and speak positive affirmations of the results of relaxation.

It is vital you always remain positive and in control through the whole process as a subliminal hypnotist. Statements like, ‘that is awesome,’ or ‘you are doing a great job,’ encourage the subject and make them feel more comfortable to trust you and relax at the same time.

3. The Actual Hypnosis

Once you are sure that your mom is in a deep trance, you can now begin the actual hypnosis. There are various hypnosis techniques that you may use to accomplish the task at hand effectively.

Depending on which technique or method you are most conversant with, it is essential to ensure that she is in a deeply-induced trance. For example, you may instruct her to envision a staircase where she is strolling down the stairs.

Continue to tell her that as she makes each progression, you will count down from 20 to 1. In some cases, some subjects enter a state of fantasy immediately, while for others, it may take longer, especially if it is their first time to experience hypnosis.

Once you finish the countdown, it is highly likely that your mom is under spellbinding, making it easy for you to make your suggestions as required.

Make sure you are direct and to the point with what you want to achieve since you have direct access to your mom’s subconscious mind. There is no room for mistakes or ambiguity.

Check out these signs of hypnosis to find out if you successfully hypnotized her.

4. End the Hypnosis

Once you relay the message as required, you can end the hypnosis session.

You must do this smoothly and calmly to avoid startling your subject and undoing the work you have already accomplished.Take your mom out of the hypnosis effectively by saying, ‘you are coming out of the trance and tally down from 5 to 1.

It also helps to assure her that once she awakes, she will feel good and rejuvenated as if she is a renewed person. As you count down to her turning out, it aids when you use a compelling and authoritative tone of voice.

Conversational hypnosis

If you want an indirect approach to hypnotizing your mom, you may opt to use conversational hypnosis, also referred to as covert hypnosis.

This technique is particularly helpful when you want your mom to see your point of view or agree with what you have to say, making your recommendations highly influential and persuasive.

According to various neuroscientific studies, all learning behavior and behavioral change first occur in the subconscious mind before manifesting into the conscious mind.

Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways to access the subconscious mind directly. It opens up the mind to a point where it overrides the ‘critical factor’ of the brain, working deep in the unconscious mind to produce almost instant changes in the subject.

One of the significant advantages of conversational hypnosis is that you can do it while having casual day-to-day interactions. You can literally induce your mom into a state of trance while she is in the kitchen, fixing a meal, or while she is grocery shopping.

How to use conversational hypnosis

Similar to the standard hypnosis techniques, conversational hypnosis begins with build rapport with your mom. She should be relaxed and void of any negative feelings or experiences. It is also essential to have the interaction not to be awkward at any point.

Maintaining eye contact is another crucial part of conversational hypnosis. Eye contact allows you to gain the attention of your subject, allowing them to mimic your movements throughout the whole process.

Similarly, ensure you use a similar tone, pitch, and volume of voice as your subject to avoid startling them and raising their conscious levels.

Once you gain their trust and attention, gradually adjust your tone and pitch of voice so that you are in control of the conversation. Conversational hypnosis takes quite some practice and patience as it is not guaranteed to work the first few times you use it.

However, if you follow the instructions and practice often, you are bound to get the hang of it all. The human brain analyzes everything, rejects information, and makes judgments effortlessly.

One of the primary goals of achieving effective conversational hypnosis is to bypass the part of the brain that analyzes everything and stimulates the unconscious mind.

There are various techniques you can use to bypass the critical mind, including telling engaging stories, use of hypnotic themes and hypnotic power words, or using hot words or linguistic themes.

Once you bypass the critical mind, you get the attention of your subject, meaning you have already started stimulating the subconscious mind. As a result, this means that your subject is entering a state of trance.

Look out for signs that your subject is in a state of trance, like pupil dilation, relaxation, changes in breathing, eyes softening, or lack of movement, among many others.

Once your subject is in a hypnotic state, make the recommendations you want by using various hypnosis techniques, like embedded commands or weasel phrases.

The more subtly you introduce your recommendations, the more likely and smoothly they will remain embedded in your mom’s mind; thus, influencing her.

Once you are done, continue the conversation like any other and avoid any startling or unusual movements. Make sure you do not give your subject large chunks of information all at once, as it may rove overwhelming.

As simple as that, you will have achieved effective conversational hypnosis.


Often, we find that our parents, especially moms, always have something to say about our moves in life and the choices we make.

We also tend to forget that their worries and questions always come from a loving and caring place, unlike when we tell our friends who may not consider all the factors involved, or may agree with our plans and choices for malicious reasons.

Whatever the case might be, sometimes we just want support and reassurance from our moms, making some people resort to hypnosis. Hypnosis techniques are powerful tools that help in making positive changes in one’s life.

However, these techniques take time, practice, and immense effort to master them.

Therefore, be patient with yourself if the method does not work out the first time around. Keep practicing, and do not lose hope in the process.