How to Radiate Positive Energy

We all have that one friend who, for whichever reasons, seems ever to infect every room they walk into with the same level of positivity and happiness.

Whether they have everything going for them or not, these individuals often leave the room feeling better and happier than it was when they got in, leaving you with endless questions about what they did to be so happy, how great their life must be, and with all that happiness exuded, you cannot help but wonder, ‘why not me?’ ‘Why can’t I be that happy?’ ‘What should I do to exude such radiant positivity?’ Because let’s face it – most of us are outright downers.

Even with the best intentions, we sometimes end up sucking out the positive energy out of a room, and we just wish that we would all stop. We wish that just for once, our attempt at being the positive one in the room will not end up with us regretting the efforts we tried making.

We might not be the bubbliest humans, but we hope against all the odds that we’d be able to radiate positive energy. That just for once, we make someone else’s day better.

So, how do you do it? How do you stop being a downer, a kill-joy, and finally radiate positive energy you believe you can?

Well, before we look at some of the things you could do to radiate positive energy even when you don’t think you have it in you, you first need to recognize the fact that your expressions, at any moment, determine the kind of energy you put out. You don’t expect to make the room feel alive when you feel and look miserable.

Tips for Radiating Positive Energy

Happiness is an inside job

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By now, this statement is a cliche. You’ve heard this tens of times, and each time, contrary to your expectations, there seems to be little/ no change. This inside job appears to have some very elusive results since you just don’t seem to be able to catch the next happiness peal.

Somehow, you feel like you are grasping at straws. Well, while this is the case for most of us, this cliche is true, regardless of how many times you wish to brush it away.

The reason why happiness is regarded as an inside job is that as long as you are feeling genuinely happy and full of joy, your mind goes off like a light bulb, and you feel good about everything around you.

When you experience happiness from deep in your soul, and you can feel it in your bones, then you become unstoppable, your vibrant nature shines, and though some things could put you down, you get back up easily because you somehow find happiness in little things.

You’ve heard the phrase ‘happiness looks good on you’ thrown around. Although this is not something you hear every day, it’s true that you can tell when someone is happy because they are radiant, and their facial features look relaxed.

Pure happiness sometimes looks like a natural glow of the skin and a brighter complexion. The eyes also look relaxed, content, and definitely less puffy.

But what about the people who are sad and depressed, but still capable of spreading happiness throughout to all the people they meet?

While this is common around us today, it’s important to remember that happiness is a state of mind and if you want a happy life, then you must train your mind to see and think happy, positive thoughts. So, how do you cultivate and attain this elusive happiness?

Remember that happiness is a choice and not conditional. That said, here are some of the ways for you to choose happiness:

Practice gratitude

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The world today is full of sad news that could easily make you lose hope. There are many times where you don’t see anything good in your life, especially when your finances fail to balance or when you lose your job.

But even with all this happening, you can still find something to be grateful for. If you are intentional about finding little things that add spark to your days, despite the aggravating circumstances, you will find that you are happier than you thought you’d be. Note, however, that this will not happen overnight.

Practice self-love

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Self-love is one of the phrases thrown around, and some people misuse it. While self-love is the first step to happiness and good mental/ physical health, it’s not always about long bubble baths, candy, wine, and roses. Sometimes, self-love is saying no to things and people that no longer serve you.

It’s taking that course and reducing the time you spend watching Netflix. Self-love is making tough decisions about your finances and the need to drink each night or order in – these changes would mean more money saved, a leaner body, a healthier state of mind, and an improved sense of wellbeing, all which result in happiness, eventually.

Watch your thoughts

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There is so much you could do to change your outlook about things, but the first thing you need to do is to identify the difference between facts and fiction with regards to your thoughts. The negative thoughts racing through your mind are untrue and non-factual.

Slow down these thoughts by writing them down. Writing down your thoughts will allow you to be more clear-headed and rational, while also being capable of escaping the negativity cycle as you move towards the positive thoughts, attaining a positive outlook in the process.

The other things you could to improve happiness include eating healthy meals, working out, reading, journaling, and dressing well. Essentially, you need to take care of yourself. Engage in that hobby, groom yourself, cook yourself a good meal, take yourself out for a nice dinner, and listen to your body. Don’t forget to get enough sleep each night.

How to radiate positive energy


You are not fully dressed without a smile. In as much as you may forget to throw in a watch when you are rushing out in the morning, we recommend that you never forget to wear a smile. When you smile genuinely, your facial features appear gentler, softer, and prettier.

A smile also makes you more attractive, and that smile would make the other people you meet during the day smile a little, and feel some weight shift. Also, can we all agree that it’s impossible to be sad and give off a genuine smile at the same time?

Spread the cheer

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You don’t have to be an extrovert to spread the positive energy oozing from your bones. And even when you are not feeling the positive vibes as much, there is one thing that would allow you to make someone else happy. For example, compliment them.

Mention how they have a beautiful smile, how they smell so good, how you admire their sense of fashion, or you could pay a coffee for the person behind you at the drive-through. These things don’t sound like much, but when you do them, they could mean that whole world to the other person.

You don’t know what that person could be going through, and your little act of kindness could be just what they needed to get through the day or week.

Be Thankful

How often do you say ‘Thanks’ ‘Thank You’ or ‘I’m sorry’? These are little words that we overlook and forget about often. Be appreciative of the people and the things around you, especially if the people don’t seem to value or appreciate it – most people do.

There is a lot more that you could do to be the radiant person that gives out positive vibes. But it all starts and lies in kindness and compassion to self and others.