How to Surround Yourself with Positive Energy 

Picture this. Every day, we interact with people dealing with all kinds of issues in their lives. It could be a graduation or a wedding anniversary — even the loss of a job or a loved one. Regardless of our stages in life, we radiate either positive or negative energies. It is a reflection of what is going on at the moment.

But, what if you are in an environment full of negative energy? It tends to drain any positive energy that you have. In its place, you absorb and internalize the negative energy all around you. That’s why you find yourself agitated after visiting a loved one in the hospital. Or, you get moody when you are in a helpless situation.

So, we ought to make conscious efforts to maintain positive energies around us. For, that is the only way we can think straight, and bring out our best in what we do. Then, how do you surround yourself with positive energy? Here’s a quick guide: –

Breathe Deeply

Image illustrating deep breaths

That’s right. Take deep breathes. It will shock you how hurried we are; we forget to do this essential activity. Our fast-paced lives force us to tense up for hours on end. Then, we never take deep breathes. That’s why most people find themselves with zero energy at the end of the day.

Look at it this way. When we maintain shallow breathes, our body lacks enough oxygen to function at its peak. What follows are stubborn ailments like high blood pressure and poor blood circulation. All these conditions drain the positive energy left in us after a stress-filled day.

Therefore, plan to take deep breathes at least twice a day. Increase the frequency whenever you feel overwhelmed by what you are doing. Do this by putting your tongue against the ridge on your upper jaw. Exhale as hard as you can. If you do it correctly, you’ll make that whoosh sound with your mouth. Next, inhale through your nose. As you do so, count up to four, then hold your breath for another three seconds. Finish by exhaling one last time through your mouth. Do this routine at least four times each morning and evening.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

In every circumstance that you are in, look for the silver lining in it. It may seem impossible to find positivity in mourning, divorce, or tragedy. But, if you look hard enough, you’ll find it. All it takes is to train your mind to see the positive in what you encounter. Do this by seeking for a lesson in a bad situation. For, every incidence that doesn’t kill you ought to make you stronger.

For example, are you going through a difficult court battle? You can turn it into a learning curve on how you handle your future relationships. More so, use this experience to help others avoid similar problems in the future.

Start Your Day with Gratitude

Image showing a grateful heart

When was the last time you expressed gratitude for what you have or who you are now? Why not make it a habit of giving thanks for the present every time you wake up? It will surprise you how the universe responds to such an attitude.

For, when we are thankful for the small milestones in our lives, we open doors for more significant achievements. Hence, it becomes easier to pursue the goals that seem unattainable. You can make it a habit to give thanks for the day, each night before you sleep. Plus, express your thanks first thing in the morning.

Keep a Circle of Positive People Around You

Did you know that everyone you meet emits a form of energy, whether negative or positive towards you? Now, if you are conscious of such powers, you can shield yourself from absorbing the negative ones. Yet, most of the time, we are not even aware of what we are going through. Then, we experience the ripple effects of consuming negative energies around us. How do you avoid this?

There are three ways to form a habit of surrounding yourself with positive people. First, believe that you can. Then, those around you will sense the positivity in you. For, they will bounce back this energy to you.

Second, never hold grudges. Yes, it may not be possible to forget how someone hurt you. But, choose to forgive them. By doing so, you let go of any negative energy that those thoughts attract towards you.

Third, be the positive person you want to attract. Then, watch as the universal law of “like attracts like” come to play in your life.

Random Acts of Kindness

Image of a kind hearted person

When was the last time you made the delivery guy smile? It is not about teasing them. Instead, it is doing acts of kindness that catch the recipients off guard. You know, giving food to the needy and visiting and lending a hand to the home for the seniors. Or, surprising your pizza delivery guy with a big tip.

As you help others, two things happen. First, you shift focus, even for a moment, from you to the other person. Hence, you don’t dwell on the negative issues in your life. In effect, you end up feeling happy about yourself. For, life is more about giving back to humanity than receiving.

Body Postures for Positive Energy

Image of an energetic body posture


Our body language determines our energy levels. For example, do you know of someone who walks with a drooping chin and a curved back? It is a stooping posture that only attracts negative energy towards them. More so, legs crossed and arms folded repel any positive energy that comes your way. These are poor body postures that we develop over time. Most people develop this posture when going through a challenging time in life. But, you can break this habit. Indeed, research indicates that with the right body posture, you can get rid of up to 80% of negativity coming your way.

Start by using furniture with an ergonomic design in your home. Then, practice to walk, sit, and stand tall, with a gust of energy. Lean forward when listening as the other speaks. It is a sign of active listening. Have your arms hang loosely on your side. It is a sign of openness to what others are telling you. Hand gestures are grand. It shows emphasis when talking. But, be careful not to make it a dance party. Note that it doesn’t matter how much negative energy is around you. It won’t affect you much when your body is radiating a positive body language.

Practice Energy Hygiene Techniques

Image of taking care of hands


Negative energy can build up quite fast in our homes. For, anytime you host a friend who curses, swears, or radiates a lousy mood, he contaminates your once positive space. Hence, regain a positive environment by practicing some cleansing techniques that work. Here is one: –

Manage your time wisely. It is an essential commodity in your possession. Limit the time you spend on social media watching other people living their lives. Instead, pack your bag and go live that dream you want.


We live in a fast-paced world, polluted by too much negative energy. Yet, our bodies, mind, and soul function best when we brush against positive energy. Hence we must find ways to surround ourselves with a dose of positivity. Start by taking deep breathes at least twice a day. Hold your head high and walk with a positive attitude despite your circumstances. And, never ignore that chance to make an impact in some else’s life. It is a satisfaction that radiates back to us. Above all, know your circle of friends. They will strengthen your belief in yourself.