Hypnosis for weight loss – Using the Mind to Melt the Fat Away

Have you tried losing weight but you’re having a hard time?

Preliminary studies show that you can couple an exercise routine with hypnotherapy for improved motivation. Let’s explore further. 

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is a tool that hypnotherapists and other medical practitioners use to help their clients reach a state of total relaxation. When they are in that state, the conscious and unconscious mind is present and focused.

That makes it possible for words and imagery to be put forth as suggestions that transform thoughts, behaviors, and even emotions. 

Weight loss using hypnosis

When we talk about using hypnosis for weight loss, it ought to be part of a plan and not as a stand-alone technique. The reason why that’s the case is that there is currently not enough scientific evidence to say that hypnosis by itself works for weight loss.

However, hypnosis itself has proven to be useful in this regard as it works on changing someone’s mind about exercise. 

Hypnosis itself works by implanting mental images and words that help create a shift in one’s thinking.

If someone has a hard time getting on and sticking to an exercise routine, then consider hypnosis as the added catalyst.

Once you are hypnosis or do a self-hypnosis, then you can be well on your way in your fitness journey. What you’re under hypnosis, you’re in a highly focused state.

Your conscious self is in a trance, and your subconscious mind is then open for suggestions.

These suggestions, as stated, are to bring about behavior changes that aid in weight loss.

An example would be getting motivated to wake up early and work out, or not eating junk food or something such as increasing your water intake. 

Changing Habits

Another way that hypnosis works to affect weight loss is when used to enhance one’s overall life.

In the area of health, studies have shown that hypnosis leads to a better quality of life. On a practical level, that means that you will begin to cut back on things that don’t serve you anymore.

If you take a ton of coffee during the day, you’ll start to see that it doesn’t benefit your body and you’ll cut back. Therefore, hypnosis by itself does lead to lifestyle changes, but alone, you’re unlikely to see significant weight loss. 

When focused on weight loss, hypnosis changes a person’s thoughts, habits, and emotions they have toward exercise and diet. Thoughts about food, training, and other related aspects will change.

As a result, a person will affect change on what they do with regards to their weight loss journey. Overall, one will have a positive outlook on what they are doing. That further motivates them to get into the exercise bandwagon. 

Using hypnotherapy for weight loss

There is a need for more tests to establish if there is a correlation between weight loss and hypnosis. It might help answer if it can work by itself or if there is indeed need to introduce other weight loss measures for a holistic approach. 

Before going for hypnotherapy, you ought to let the hypnotherapist in on what your personal goals are. That gives the professional know which direction to take the hypnosis.

If you have an issue with overeating, making that clear makes the hypnotherapist know what suggestions to use in breaking thoughts, habits, and emotions attached to food. 

In some instances, the hypnotherapist will have to dig deeper into your unconscious mind to establish here the holdup is. That kind of hypnosis might, for example, understand that when the client was their child, the experienced abuse and their only source of comfort was food.

First, the therapist will deal with the violence and then use suggestions to change your relationship with food. After the session and subsequent visits, the client will find that they don’t need to overeat to cope with difficult emotions, leading to weight loss. 

Take away

There are many ways that hypnosis is beneficial to a person.

While there is a need for additional research to find out how effective it is in weight loss, there is evidence that it can work. It can get used to change negative habits such as overeating, and this leads to weight loss.

Hypnosis can also work in motivating someone to exercise and diet where they once didn’t have the motivation.