Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation Forest Relax Similar Songs  

The presence of a peaceful and awakened mind is vital in every person. Indeed, that is Jason Stephenson’s theme in his guided sleep meditation techniques. The videos seem to pull crowds from all over the world. What is his secret? In this quick guide, we want to review his work towards assisting persons who struggle with sleep. More so, we will gauge the relevance of the Forest series in today’s life paced world. Let’s get to it!

About Guided Sleep Meditation

Do you struggle with going to sleep or staying asleep each night? You may have tried several remedies to soothe you already. How were they? Consider guided sleep meditation. It is a useful tool that helps you forget, even if for a moment, about your worries and cares. That way, you can relax and slip into a deep sleep.

Indeed, this approach works by shifting your focus from your thoughts to your body sensations. With repeated practice, you will see an improvement in your sleeping pattern. That is, you’ll fall asleep faster, for longer. So, do you have a favorite guided sleep meditation that works for you? If not, let us introduce you to the award-winning Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation Forest series.

About The Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation

Jason Stephenson is an Australian founder and songwriter with the Relax Me Online Australia Pty Ltd. It is a company that releases meditation and relaxation music for 15 years now. He runs a YouTube channel, the Meditation Sleep Music Channel, which so far has more than 1.68 million subscribers with some videos recording more than 13 million views. From the comment section, it is quite clear that his guided sleep meditation works. Below is a list of some of the songs, spoken word, and positive affirmations he shares on his channel: –

  • Law of Attraction affirmation series
  • Face to face guided meditation series
  • Rain sounds series
  • Talks on inspirations, meditation tips, and healthy living
  • Chakra healing series
  • Mindfulness meditation series

Further, the sleep meditation series is available in the following variations: –

  • Relaxing music for stress relief
  • Deep sleep music on delta waves series
  • Guided meditation to come with loss
  • Meditation music for positive energy

The Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation Forest Relax series is a 2015 release under the new genre category. It comprises soothing music that runs for 53 minutes.  The script is a narration about the subject taking a walk in a thick forest. It is a visualization journey that awakens our body sensations to what is around us. But, before embarking on this journey, he leaves all his cares and worries behind.

Throughout the meditation, Jason refers to various aspects of nature that we hardly notice when we are under lots of pressures of life. For example, he refers to the beautiful blue sunny skies that appear at the end of a spiral turn. Also, Jason brings our attention to various sensation points of our bodies like the soles of our feet. This way, he makes the listener away from his own body and how calm he is at the moment.

Next, Jason uses such words as hope, release tension, worries disappear like bubbles. Like a typical hypnotic induction, Jason encourages the listener to slip into more profound relaxation with every consequent breathes. He emphasizes on visualizing the features of the thick forest as you sink deeper and deeper into a relaxed mode.

All in all, this guided sleep meditation aims at awakening the subject’s body sensations starting from the top of the head to the sole of their feet. Here, the subject experience varying temperatures, tingling, tightness, tingling, and heaviness. But, since it is a guided session, the subject moves from one sensation to the other by following the voice instructions. These instructions dwell on your breathing pattern, visualization, and expressing gratitude for various aspects of our lives.

Is It Effective?

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Past listeners of Jason Stephenson’s works agree that the author has a soothing voice with an Australian accent. In turn, he tends to calm one, drifting them into a deep sleep. Here are some of the benefits to expect from listening to the meditation audio series: –

  • It helps one arrest any wild thoughts that tend to emerge when you settle into bed. Indeed, our brains tend to bring to our attention all our worries and anxieties when we are resting. This meditation series replaces all these worries with a drift to a virtual world full of bliss.
  • By targeting the nervous system, this guided meditation achieves a moderate heart rate and regular breathing rates. That’s why some listeners find themselves drifting into sleep even before the video clip reaches the end.
  • The meditation helps you wake up with a clear mind for a more productive day. Hence, you will be more attentive in school and perform at your best at work.

Does This Technique Apply To You?

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  • If you struggle with chronic difficulties falling and staying asleep. More so, it applies to teenagers who get less than 8 hours of sleep each night. Indeed, the American Sleep Association estimates that up to 10 percent of Americans struggle with insomnia. Out of this group, most of the adults get less than 7 hours of consistent sleep each night.
  • Anyone searching for a positive impact on their life. The meditation has a calming effect that will ground any restless spirit. Hence, you will be less likely to overreact when under pressure. Instead, you’ll choose to be objective in your judgment.
  • If you are dealing with lots of stress and anxiety that keeps you awake most nights. This guided meditation will guide your thinking process to arrive at night of restful sleep.
  • When you want to improve your immune system.
  • Anyone who wants to find his focus in a matter of minutes.

How to Prepare for the Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation

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Anyone who wants to reap the best out of this guided sleep meditation should first create a conducive environment for sleep as follows: –

  • Maintain a consistent sleeping schedule.
  • Get into bed early.
  • Minimize the blue light that tends to interfere with the circadian rhythm. Hence, your brain will lower the release of melatonin, helping you relax and sleep. The worst sources of blue light include smartphones and computers. Thus, never use your electronic devices with such displays when in bed.
  • Have thick blinds if you plan during the day.
  • Keep your body fit through regular exercises.
  • Maintain your bedroom at room temperature.
  • Drink enough water each day.

Accessing the Series

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You can download the Jason Stephenson Guided Sleep Meditation Forest Relax songs from many platforms, including iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon. On iTunes, you can buy Jason Stephenson’s recording for a small fee. Second, the series is also available at the official Jason Stephenson website, Instagram, and Facebook page. Third, you can head down to the Jason Stephenson’s Life Expansion Merchandise Store and get a copy of this series.

Still, if you prefer to listen to the series online, Jason Stephenson manages several YouTube channels. They include the official Sleep Meditation channel, the Life Expansion channel, and the Binaural Beats Sounds channel.

Final Note

Jason Stephenson’s Guided Sleep Meditation Forest Relax is a famous meditation clip that will slow down your brain in readiness for sleep. For, instead of forcing the subject into sleep, it works by relaxing the body as it journeys through nature. If you love taking nature walks, and struggle with sleep, this guided meditation series is ideal for you. For it will bring to your attention the beauty all around you, helping you to forget about your cares.