How to Tell If Someone Is Reading Your Mind  

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like someone is reading your mind? Yes, anyone can use the psychic tricks of the trade to make accurate guesses about your thoughts. It’s an invasion of privacy that can startle you. How do they do it?

For starters, your eyes can betray your thoughts. And, if you are talkative, that’s another access point right there. Still, it takes a keen mind reader to use these everyday habits to read your mind. That’s why, in this guide, we want to tell you six common ways you can tell if someone is invading your thoughts. Use these signs to block a potential psychic attack. Are you ready to discover? Let’s get to it!

1. The Eyes Tell It All

image for eyes

Eyes indeed are the windows to our souls. And a mind reader knows this. You see, you can be sad and try to hide it from your friends and family. But, the moment you make eye contact with them, they will be able to sense that all is not well. Hence, the first sign that someone is reading your mind is their constant eye contact. They want to talk to you while looking straight into your eyes.

Our pupil size changes to reflect what is on our minds. For example, suppose you need to decide between two difficult tasks. You’ll tend to move your eyes back and forth between these two choices. Then, once you decide on what you want, your pupils relax and dwell, even if for an instant, on the choice you make. A mind reader will observe all these changes and determine what your decision is before you say it loud.

2. They Understand and Use Your Body Language

Image of a man using his body language

We express our thoughts using our body language, whether voluntarily or by impulse. For example, if you are a listener, your body language revolves around sound and words. In effect, when you are trying to recall something, you’ll tend to look down towards the left. When in a relaxed mood, you often have your hand supporting your head as in a telephone posture. And, listeners tend to mumble a lot when alone.

Now, once a mind reader knows that you are a listener, he knows eye contact will have little effect on you. Instead, they will use auditory words to appeal to you. For example, they can say, ‘You sound very confident.’  Or, ‘I hear you.’

Second, 5% of people around the world are touchers. For, their thought process characterized by feelings and tactile. Do you tend to hug people even when you meet them for the first time? Or, hold on to their hands or shoulders as you speak to them? Is your dress code stylish, or would you rather trade that for comfort? Do you lean in when talking to someone? These are some of the signs that you are a toucher.

A mind reader who recognizes a toucher will encourage them to make physical contact when talking. Then, they use words with feelings and tactile. For example, they may say, ‘You can always count on me for this.’

Our non-verbal communication gives out too many cues to the keen mind reader. And, when they know your body language, they know what to look for in your actions. Then, they will present their selfish ideas to you in a manner that appeals to your thought process. Thus, be extra careful with those strangers who seem to understand how you tick.

3. They Are Conversation Starters

Image of a lady initiating conversation

Typical mind readers have a pleasant demeanor. Hence, once they know your body language, they will strike a conversation with you in no time.  For, they pick any topic that they feel will be of interest to you. The mind reader will make lots of eye contact while mentioning words with a visual component to it. And, his leading statements are all he needs to make you put down your guard.

For example, if the mind reader knows that you are a looker, he may say,’ let’s picture this for a moment.’ Or, ‘I see what you’re saying.’ In effect, they are using the type of language that can access your brain fastest.  From there, you will give them clues to your thoughts without even knowing it.

4. Hypnotic Mind Reading

Image of hypnotic mind reading

Do you have an idea of how mind readers work and often resist them? Well, some mind readers know when they are dealing with an informed subject. They will opt for a hypnotic mind-reading technique instead. Here, someone uses a language with a level of vagueness to distract you. Then, he gains access to your subconscious mind and reprograms it to the way they want.

Usually, hypnotic mind reading is in a healing context. The mind reader aims at overcoming whatever negativity or stress factors you have. Yet, he will opt for this method when he senses that you know they are reading your mind. For example, it works to get a confession from a resisting offender. Hence, it is an effective method for all those subjects that put up firm resistance.

Other Mind Reading Techniques to Watch Out

5. Shot-Gunning

Image of an emotional conversation

When a mind reader uses a shot gunning technique, often, it is when you are in a large crowd. He will start with general statements that appeal to some of you. Then, he will get a little more specific. This way, he aims at getting an emotional response from a smaller number of participants. You may think that he is reading your mind. In effect, the mind reader knows which statements to use to gain your trust.

6. Use of Barnum Statements

A professional mind reader will use a set of statements that feel personal to you, yet, they apply to more people than you thought. Here are examples: –

  • I sense fear in you. What is making you scared right now?
  • Your partner is not happy with you at the moment. Could you tell me what is going on?
  • You have pain in your abdomen. And, it seems not to go away even after taking medication.

Note, all these statements can apply to anyone in a crowd. We all deal with fear at some point in our lives. And a healthy relationship is never free from arguments. Besides, abdominal pain can mean all kinds of ailment. Even a full stomach can be uncomfortable. Hence, let them not mislead you into sharing your intimate details with the mind reader.

Final Thoughts

The next time you meet a person who has an inviting body language; know that he may be prepping you to read your mind. And, if they reach out for your palms, they only want to confirm how relaxed you are. A relaxed mind is easier to read than an agitated one. Then, be extra careful with someone keen on studying the upper part of your face.

When a mind reader makes general statements that appeal to you, it’s a bluff. It is their first attempt at dishing out some information from your thoughts. So, be wise with your response. That is your reply to a statement like; ‘Something is on your mind’ will either lead them closer or further from decoding your thoughts. For, if you make an emotional response, they know they’ve hit a nerve with you. Know yourself and observe those around you. Plus, your sixth sense is always right. Trust it to wade off such mind readers.

Like a psychologist, mind readers understand the science of behavioral predictions. All they do is expect your reaction in any particular situation. Now, psychologists have a moral duty to use this information for ethical purposes. But, others may use it to send psychic attacks your way. Thus, learn how to tell if someone is reading your mind in the first place. Use the above tips to keep your guard up at all times.