Online hypnosis certification review

In this online hypnotist certification program by Dr. Steve G. Jones Ed.D is meant to train people to learn how to help clients. It will train professionals to help people deal with deep-rooted issues including self-destructive behavior, and overall be at peace.

When you take the course, you’ll able to know for sure of being a hypnotherapist is for you. 

The Hypnotist Certification can get done in eight weeks, but you can equally go at your pace and take a year. 

The practitioner is Dr. Steve himself. He has over 20 years’ experience in hypnotherapy and is also a certified clinical hypnotherapist.

He has been working with clients and also teaching. Additionally, he is the president of the American Alliance of Hypnotists. 

In the certification, you’ll get a detailed introduction to hypnosis.

It includes pre-talk and inductions, followed by what is known as deepening.  After, there are scripts, along with amnesia and trance termination.

From the certification, you’ll also get tips on how to market yourself off and online as a hypnotist. In total, there are 120 hours of instruction.

Upon enrolling, you have access to a student portal where you can access video, audio, and alumni work by entering your password. When you graduate, you get a certification from the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

Other perks of taking the eight-week hypnosis certification, you’re able to email Dr. Steve G. Jones directly.

There is an extensive list of graduates from the organization, all trained by Dr. Steve.

Another perk is that once you graduate, you’re put on a directory of top-ranked American Alliance of Hypnotists website. 

That way, clients can find you with ease.

There’s the option of adding a link to your website once you’re on the directory. If you need support, you can reach out at any time.

According to the promotional content on the course, you get lifetime support. You also get hypnosis scripts you require to advance in your career.

You don’t have to stick to one focus. One can deal with a variety of clients, such as those requiring help getting their confidence and motivation up, losing weight, or building wealthy.

Send an email to the alumni support department, and you’ll get what you need.

Once you’re done with the certification, you’ll get a Business Guide for Hypnotherapists where you’ll be taught how to use your new skills in a business context. 

The module

Let’s further break down what is in the curriculum:

Introduction to Hypnosis

Here, you learn how modern-day clinical hypnosis has come to be accepted in society.

The introduction also covers controlling the environment so that you have a good session and what your responsibility is as a hypnotist. 

Additionally, you’re shown how to record hypnosis sessions.  


Here is the foundation of any hypnosis. It is telling the client what hypnosis is and reassuring them the session will be beneficial.

They will likely have questions, so you have to answer them and remove any doubts and misconceptions they have. The purpose is to remain professional at all times. 


Here is when you put your client in a relaxed state. You get to learn simple and easy ways to induce hypnosis in anyone and put them into a hypnotic state. 


Here is where you take the client deeper. There is information on how to take a client deeper into relaxation. 


Here is where the journey to positive change in the subconscious mind begins. The module includes powerful scripts that you can use as examples and how to create your own. 


Here is where you have a client forget what happened during the session.  That way, they don’t over-analyze the experience and end up undoing the work done in the subconscious mind.

The memory of what happened does, however, remain in the subconscious mind. 

Trance Termination:

Here, we have the last step of the process; it is where you end the session. There is a proper and effective way to terminate a session, and you’ll learn that in the certification. 

Final Exam:

To get the certification, you’ll have to do an exam. The purpose is to show that you have indeed learned the new skills of hypnosis.

There is a written exam that you have to do and also submit an audio recording as part of a project to complete before you can graduate. 

Wrap up

This course is extensive in teaching the processes of hypnosis.