Signs of charismatic person

If you have ever met someone charismatic, then you know how much fun they could be. People with charisma are known to be courteous, charming ad easily approachable.

They are those people who you notice first in any room due to their sociable nature and friendliness. This is why charismatic people make great leaders as they can make people around them comfortable.

Many renowned leaders are known to be charismatic such as Barack Obama, Michele Obama and Hilary Clinton. If you want to know whether you are a charismatic person or not, there are a signs to look at. Unfortunately, many of us do not give ourselves credit for our own gifts yet we notice it in with other people.

The signs of a charismatic person

They believe in something and share it with others

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A good way to notice a charismatic is that they are strongly opinionated about something and are not afraid to tell other people about these beliefs. They have passion in what they believe and conviction that it is right. However, they do not pissed off or angry when you disagree with their opinion.

Their passion shows and their beliefs go hand in hand with their actions. Because of this trait, they are able to trigger genuine emotions in people around them.

This is why charismatic people make everyone feel welcome and accepted even in unfamiliar territory. Charismatic people stand out because they champion or lead a cause or belief they are passionate about

They ask follow up questions

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Charismatic people are one of the best listeners you can hold a conversation with. They just don’t listen with the intent to reply like many of us do, they listen to what the person has to say.

By doing this, they are able to hold more meaningful and impactful conversations. The response or follow up of a charismatic person is meant to draw out more information from the other guy.

Great in telling stories

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Charismatic people are great storytellers since they have a way with words and people in general. Everything from their voice to their body language and mannerisms is pleasant.

By doing this, they involve more and more people in their stories and more often than not, you will find that listening to them is easy and fun. They are able to incorporate factors such as humor, metaphors and symbolism all of which are essential to a good storyteller.

If you tell stories in a captivating manner such that everybody listens, then you might be considered charismatic. It might seem easy but not many people can tell stories in a captivating way. The ability to turn a banal mundane story to a funny story is what distinguishes charismatic people from the rest.

This allows charismatic people to connect and influence people’s actions. If you are like this, then consider yourself charismatic

Charismatic people are empathetic

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Empathy is one of the emotions that cannot be feigned easily. Charismatic people are known to be empathetic. Empathy is the ability to understand and genuinely share feelings of another person. Empathetic people care about others as much as they care for themselves.

Since charismatic people listen deeply, they are able to be empathetic of their listener’s tough situations. If you have a problem, they will listen to you and make you feel like you are the only person in the planet. By practicing empathy, people are naturally drawn to you since you make them feel loved and safe and everyone wants to feel loved and safe

They show emotions

Unfortunately today, there are a lot of people who are nonchalant and do not like or prefer to show emotions. Charismatic people are the opposite of this. When having a conversation with a charismatic person, you will notice that they show emotions through their facial expressions.

They are not afraid to express themselves and whatever emotion they feel is clearly seen on the face. When they are amused, they will laugh genuinely and when angry, they will show angry gestures.

When you show emotions openly and genuinely, people will feel like they know you better and this will help you connect better with anyone.

They know how to manage emotional reactions

We have seen that charismatic people are comfortable with showing emotions. But this does not mean that they cannot control it. On the contrary, charismatic people are the best at controlling their emotional reactions.

With them, it is more about being authentic than being transparent. For instance, if a charismatic person is mad at someone, they will not burst out in a fete of anger and cause a scene.

Instead, they will contain their anger and address it without causing a scene in a mature way.

Charismatic people are self-confident

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One of the greatest traits of charismatic people is that they are confident in themselves. Note that this self-confidence is not cockiness, it is pure and positive confidence. This is one of the reasons they are loved by everybody.

When you like yourself, it is easier for other people to like you. Self-confidence involves being enthusiastic and optimistic about life. By exuding self-confidence, they are able to attract people around them easily.

They look happy even with their resting face

It is hard to fake charisma and enthusiasm since they occur naturally. Charisma is all about being happy and enthusiastic about life and charismatic people are the happiest. Even with their resting face, a charismatic person looks happy.

Just by looking at them as they work, you will notice that they appear much warmer and welcoming. And this is because their resting face is friendly. They will rarely have a grimace or frown on their faces. If you find that your resting face seems unhappy, try and change it and see how far that warm face will take you.

These small changes go a long way in making you feel happy. And this is because your facial expressions and body language affect the chemicals within your system. By keeping a warm and approachable face, you will find that your attitude and feelings will also be war, and friendly.

They are big on hand gestures

Charismatic people are big on hand gestures when holding conversations. This is also what makes them such good storytellers. And it is not only with their hand, they generally use a lot of body language when communicating. For instance when describing how bug something was, they will open up their arms.

Using your body during communication makes you seem free, happy and easygoing. This is the reason they are able to hold meaningful conversation with anyone they meet. The body movements enable the release of endorphins that improve their mood too.


The truth is that all of us are charismatic within ourselves. We all have it inside us. Charisma is a great trait to have and will definitely take you places in life.

If you’re look to tap into your more charismatic side, start by genuinely listening to people, empathizing with their situations and use body language when communicating. You should also try to always be positive even when thigs are not going your way.