How to Attract Money with Salt

Did you know that in ancient times, salt was one of the most valuable minerals in the world? It was so precious and rare that Emperors from Rome used the mineral to pay their soldiers. The terms salary and soldier actually stem from the word salt.

For decades, salt was used as a currency, it was used to preserve food, medicine as well as a religious cleansing component. In the ancient era, the Egyptian community also used salt to mummify the dead bodies as well as preserve meat and fish.

Today, salt is one of the most basic food ingredients. This mineral actually serves a very important role as the body needs salt to survive. Additionally, salt has an abstruse value and many believe that this element can be used to attract abundance and success.

For instance, many people use salt crystals to release electromagnetic energy waves that soak in bad energy. The negative ions also eliminate bad energy or push the energy away and after that, the waves help in attracting the positive kind of energy.

The tests to help you attract money using salt

The Spirit Bath

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If you have been experiencing a stressful and demoralizing time, and you are in deep need of a physical and religious boost, it is important that you make use of salt bach that will relieve your body helping you relax. A lot of hefty still energy can make it so hard to push forward in life.

Eliminating all these burdens allows your life to move in a healthier, happier and optimistic way.For this bath, you require sea salt or Epsom salt as well as lavender essential oil.

The directions that you must follow when taking the cleansing bath

  • Put a single cup of salt into your water. Do not add any kind of soap into the bath.
  • Add only 10 drops of lavender essential oil into your bath
  • Once the salt grains have dissolved into the water, get into the water and soak up for around 20-30 minutes. This step allows you to gain the relaxing and relieving benefits of salt and lavender.
  • Envision all your issues and other factors that are causing you to stress leaving and disappearing forever.
  • Get out of the bath and allow the water to wash out the salt along with all the negative energy that was surrounding you.

The Door Opener

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This salt spell actually brings you a lot of success, joy, and prosperity by also giving you the job that you want. For this spell, you need sea salt, bay leaves, and rice.

A combination of these ingredients can help you get a job quickly. This spell is so effective because bay leaves act as purifying agents cleansing and getting rid of any kind of religious block.

The rice offering acts as a field magnet attracting good luck and encouraging a brand-new beginning.

The best time to perform this spell is 3 days after the New Moon. This phase is known as the Waxing Crescent Moon. During this moon phase, the energy that is released by the moon, is connected to every individual’s desire from this world. It is also advised that you begin the ritual on a Sunday evening.

Here are the steps that you must follow for the ritual

  • With the sea salt, you must draw a circle on the surface that you have chosen to use as your altar. That could be your table or even the floor or the ground. This circle is referred to as a circle of protection.
  • Take a green candle and with a knife or a pen, carve your name on it. This should be from the wick.
  • Put your plate inside your circle
  • Light your candle and use some of the melted wax to stick the candle to the center of the plate.
  • Put a handful of rice on the plate
  • Place the three bay leaves on top of the rice
  • As the candle continues to burn out, take some time to meditate and be thankful. At this point, the wheels of manifestation are already turning in your favor. Put off the candle and keep the tools away.
  • Pick your rice and the bay leaves and put it in a cloth sachet then place it in a safe and secret place.
  • After one week, you should repeat the whole process using the same candle and while holding your cloth sachet.

The cloth sachet now works as a pocket that is filled with a lot of positive energy. Just like any other important piece of jewelry, you can keep the sachet in a safe place or you can carry it around with you.

Any time you touch the sachet, you will feel the positive vibrations and energy letting you know that the Universe is working to get you your desired job.

The Gratitude Salt Spell

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To allure good luck and success in your life, you must always vibrate in Thankfulness, Happiness and in Joy. This spell was actually designed to attract prosperity, wealth and success.

The spell works well and you can use it for work and other job opportunities, for relationships and love and you can also use it to solve all your money problems.

For this spell, all you need is a white candle, 7 coin. The petals could be dried or fresh, it does not matter. Coarse salt and a plate. This spell works well because the salt is used as a purifying agent. It cleans out all the surrounding negative energy and also attracts positive energy.

Rose petals are used as an offering because, in the Roman Catholic religion, the petals are used to symbolize the sacred heart of Jesus.

Its manifestation power is quite special and very effective. Everyone is advised to cast this spell when there is a New Moon. This will allow you to start the lunar cycle with the most ideal intentions.

Here are the steps that you must follow when casting this spell

  • Put a plate on your altar
  • Pick a handful of salt and with the salt, draw a circle on the plate
  • Place the 7 petals of your red rose, in a circle right on top of the salt
  • In the middle of your plate light up your candle
  • Take a seat, relax and breathe in and out slowly. Envision all the paths of your life clearing up and all the opportunities opening up for you.
  • Take some time to be grateful for all the success that you have gathered until this point.
  • Take some time to clear your mind from all thoughts and feelings and meditate for only 10 minutes. During your meditation, think about how you will be able to get all the opportunities that are around you.
  • For seven days, repeat this practice by using the same ingredients and the candle as well. On the final day, let the candle fizzle out on its own.

Things to keep in mind

Image for do something nice for the people you love

It is important for everyone to remember that they must not be discouraged or dissatisfied if they fail to get what they want immediately.

It is important to believe that what you want will come to you at the most ideal moment. Nothing will happen overnight. In this universe, what you send back is exactly what you will receive.

Therefore, if what you are asking for is in any way bad or selfish, the energy will fade away and it will look for a more ideal place to settle. The energy will disappear with all of the money and wealth associated with it. To attract positive energy around you, do something nice for the people you love.

Give some of your goods to charity and do well without expecting anything in return. Remember, in giving we also receive.