Steve G. Jones The Art of Astral Projection Review

The concept of Astral Projection has been in existence for centuries now as it is as old as the concept of human beings.

It enables individuals to part from their physical bodies and travel to another world where laws that exist in the third realm, like gravity, space, and time, no longer exist.

Astral projection, also known as Astral Travel, allows spiritual separation and voyage of the spirit and body, allowing both of them to exist separately. Dr. Steve G. Jones wrote the book, ‘The Art of Astral Projection Beyond The Physical Realm,’ to further elaborate the magic behind this phenomenal skill.

Name The Art of Astral Projection-Beyond the Physical Realm
AuthorDr. Steve G. Jones
PublisherMind valley
Package14 audiobooks, and five bonus materials
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What is ‘The Art of Astral Projection?’

All people possess an astral body, which connects to the physical body through your belly button (umbilicus) through the silver cord. Many people associate out-of-body experiences to near-death experiences. This is far from the truth.

This book on Astral Projection reassures readers that astral projection, which occurs during hypnosis or meditation, is one of the safest and most powerful methods to achieve an out-of-body experience whenever you want.

This package teaches you how to explore different countries and cities in an instant, how to find your life purpose, how to develop your natural Extra Sensory Perception skills (ESS), and how fully experience joy and happiness by using astral projection.

It also teaches readers how to use the power of astral projection in the real world and manifest them to change their lives into the one they desire.

As seen above, astral projection, as explained in this package, is an exquisite and powerful skill that can do a lot of amazing things in your life.

About the author

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a Celebrity Hypnotist with over 25 years of experience in mentalism and hypnosis. He has written a total of 22 books, including Amazon’s best-seller, ‘You Can Attract It.’

He is the Director of the Steve G. Jones School of Clinical Hypnotherapy, as well as the President of the American Alliance of Hypnotists.

According to various sources, Dr. Steve G. Jones discovered his skill in Astral Projection in Military School when he was 17 years of age. As a child, he was always reading books about hypnosis and mind power, and by the age of 15 years, he had extensive knowledge about these powers and their wide application.

Dr. Steve G. Jones has an impeccable reputation for creating long-lasting positive changes in people’s lives.

With his expertise, wisdom, knowledge, and refined techniques on hypnosis, he developed this dynamic Astral Projection Program to assist different people to live their real and authentic lives, void of any barriers.

Features of the Astral Projection Package

This Astral Projection Program comes with a total of 14 audiobooks on different topics and five bonus materials for the ultimate astral projection experience.

Every item in this package is designed to guide you step-by-step to achieve and sustain a conscious out-of-body experience. The package equips you with the essential prerequisites required to obtain a genuine astral projection experience.

Here are a few of the materials this package provides.

Module 1: What to Expect

This section discusses what to expect when going through astral projection.

It explains the ideal astral setting and how to prepare for astral projecting by attaining a deep consciousness and how to disconnect the mind and body in the 3rd realm while still existing in the 4th realm.

Module 2: The Art of Breathing

In the second module of this package, the reader learns how to breathe for purposes of astral projection. By learning the principles behind the proper breathing techniques in astral projection, you can maintain control over your relaxation, allowing you to astral project consistently whenever you desire.

Module 3: The Power of Positive Affirmations

This chapter teaches you the importance of power in astral projection and how it affects your experience. It also shows you how to prepare your energy for astral projection and how to rid yourself of all distractions to create the ideal state of mind for astral projection.

Similarly, this module discusses the power of daytime affirmations and how you can raise and restore your energy to maintain consistent astral projection.

Module 4: Clearing your Chakras

Here, you learn the importance of chakras to astral projection and its relationship with the body, emotions, and mental health. This chapter also discloses six brilliant techniques for the mastery of Chakra meditation.

Module 5: Raising your Kundalini

In this part of the package, you learn about this essential power source and why it is crucial to achieving the ultimate stimulation of the astral body.

It teaches you how to access this power source to accomplish the out-of-body experience, and how to release it to achieve a state of pure bliss. As a result, this power source enables you to refresh and rejuvenate as you activate the seven energy centers along your spinal cord.

Module 6: Astral Projection Trance Work

This module teaches us how to achieve a state of trance while remaining consciously aware. It also explains the essence of complete mental clarity that allows the astral experience to take its proper shape.

Module 7: Astral Projection Hypnosis Session with Binaural Tones

This hypnosis recording guides you through the beta, to alpha, to theta, and finally to the Delta, the most profound state of trance.

By using binaural tones to enhance your hypnosis experience fully, this module guides you to the Delta state of mind and, ultimately, to the final frontier of Delta and far beyond.

Module 8: Believing in Yourself and Confronting your Fears

Here, you learn how to clear your mind to enhance relaxation, and how to recognize negative subconscious thoughts that could prevent you from projecting.

It also teaches you how to exude confidence in yourself and your ability to astral project. You also learn how to overcome your fears and how to welcome the unknown.

Module 9: Preparing for Astral Projection

This module teaches you how to induce astral projection and embrace the unknown.

You attain a clear understanding of what astral projection is, what it feels like, how it looks, and what you will hear as the body and spirit separate.

It also teaches you about the real-time zone, reality fluctuations, and how to safely return to your body after the astral projection experience. Track B of this module offers a step-by-step guide for your first astral projection experience.

 Module 10: Out of Body Experiences

In this section, you learn about the general rules of application in astral planes.

It also features Frequently Asked Questions about astral projection as well as the typical sensations of astral projections so that you gain some familiarity with them.

This module also provides you with specific exercises to help you deal with reality fluctuations and prevent you from drifting, while your astral body departs from your physical body.

Module 11: Exiting your Physical Body and Associated Fears

Learn how to better yourself in preparation for the astral panes by overcoming your fears and understanding the significance of your brow chakra.

You also get to learn different ‘rope techniques’ to loosen your astral body. It also discusses common fears in the 4th dimension and how to overcome them effectively.

Module 12: Your Beliefs and Astral Projection

Discover the impact your beliefs and faith has on astral projection.

This module shows you how to connect with other entities in the 4th dimension and other ways to enhance your astral experience. It also discusses various perception techniques and how your perception affects your astral experience.

You will also learn the difference between heart rate and heart chakra.

Module 13: Astral Sex and More

This module explains the basic principles of sexual activity in astral planes and the virtuous limits while you discover the endless probabilities of astral sex.

It also discusses the difference between astral projection and lucid dreams and how to arrive and navigate to different destinations in astral planes.

This section also features an astral troubleshooting guide for those who are struggling to get the complete out-of-body experience.

Module 14: 12 Strand DNA Activation Hypnosis

This hypnosis module concludes the package by providing you with a higher understanding and an advanced set of skills to improve your astral projection capabilities and enhance your every-day life.

Bonus material

This package also comes with five bonus materials, including:

  • Two eBooks; namely Astral Projection Secrets Revealed, and Astral Viewing Secrets Revealed
  • Three audiobooks: namely, Extended Advanced Astral Projection in Theta module, Extended Astral Projection Meditation in Binaural Tones, and a Full Audio Transcription of the 14 modules


  • An easy to follow guide to a breathtaking, life-changing, and eye-opening adventure
  • Shared wisdom and extensive knowledge about astral projection from a certified master hypnotist
  • This package is available in three monthly installments of $19 or one payment
  • The principles and exposure to Astral sex will allow you to become the type of lover you have always desired
  • It has five bonus materials for the ultimate understanding of astral projection
  • A 60-day 100% money-back guarantee


  • It speaks of a controversial topic that not many people are open and willing to learn about


The possibilities of astral projection are endless. This program allows you to discover yourself in ways some people could never imagine, leading you to live the life you want.

If you are an open-minded individual interested in the forward-thinking involved in astral projecting, I strongly recommend this package for the most exciting and compelling learning experience known to man.