Bruce Lipton Sleep Hypnosis

Bruce Lipton is a development biologist and has been known to provide the missing link between life and consciousness. Sleep Hypnosis, on the other hand, is a guided thinking process that slowly leads a person to a state of relaxation.

The technique of sleep hypnosis is normally used on people struggling with various sleep disorders such as insomnia or sleepwalking.

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So what hypnosis does is that it allows the body and mind to let off anxiety and go into a state of relaxation, the technique has been known to increase the amount of time that a person spends in deep sleep by up to 80%.

The effect of sleep hypnosis turns out to be huge when compared to the technique applied, during sleep hypnosis one may listen to a recording that guides them through verbal cues which induce relaxation.

The same procedure takes place when you visit a hypnotherapist who will also guide you through the verbal cues.

Now that you understand what sleep hypnosis is, you obviously expect the process to impact your life in some way; otherwise, people would rather take coffee and sweat through the night minting money. Hypnosis does have varied benefits to the body and health in general.

We will first look at the health benefits of sleep hypnosis, one which is the Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Sleep hypnosis has been known to improve abdominal pain that results from the bowels; it, therefore, alleviates symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea or bloating.

There are those moments that you feel like you are fatigued or develop nausea, backache and in extreme cases, some people will develop urinary problems.

So through hypnosis, you will be able to progressively relax and the provided soothing sensations and imagery will counter the symptoms of IBS. Hypnosis has also been known to help in alleviating pain, for example, the pain that people experience after undergoing a surgical procedure such as the tension headaches and the migraines.

Other chronic pains that arise from conditions such as sickle cell, fibromyalgia, cancer, and arthritis can be relieved via hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy (guided Hypnosis), makes a person to be more productive, and open to discussions and suggestions, the technique also encourages the success of other treatments for conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, grief, loss, and phobias.

One common question that people tend to struggle with is whether hypnotherapy is for everyone, you might be having a member of your family that you really think can benefit from the service but is the service recommended for them.

According to Cleveland Clinic, there is a certain group of individuals who cannot use hypnotherapy, for example, people who show psychotic symptoms, like maybe delusions or hallucinations, or the group of people that have a history of substance abuse.

Besides, there is so much controversy surrounding the use of hypnotherapy to recover repressed memories that are thought to be linked to an individual’s psychotic behavior.

The idea behind the above concept is that hypnotherapy may very likely pose the risk of the creation of false memories, but don’t worry yourself whether the process is safe or dangerous for the other groups of people. Because for as long as it is conducted by a professionally trained therapist then you have nothing to worry about.

Bruce Lipton Sleep Hypnosis

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According to Bruce Lipton people could reprogram their subconscious mind during sleep by using sleep hypnosis, the big question, therefore, would be why not program the conscious mind because it is the one that we use most of the time to make decisions and judgments.

Well, the conscious mind is a fast learner and can be taught by simply reading a book, going for lectures or just by watching a movie.

And unlike the conscious mind, the subconscious does not have many ways of downloading information; it is also not connected to the conscious mind.

Now the subconscious mind is a bit tough when compared to the conscious mind during the installation of a program and it, therefore, learns from habit. For example, the life that you lead right now as a grown-up was downloaded into your system when you were about 6 or 7 years old.

You are a reflection of how your parents lived, and that is why if you came from a rich family, you are naturally predisposed to succeed because that is the life you were exposed to.

But if you came from a poor or average family then that is exactly how you will end up, thus it becomes hard for you to divert from the already installed program.

So now that you are all grown up and want to succeed in life, you will find that you are struggling to really make it and this Bruce Lipton says is that you are trying to override the already existing program in your subconscious.

And the one that you are desperately trying to install is not supported by your subconscious, because it doesn’t recognize it.

And that is where Bruce’s sleep hypnosis comes in, so apparently, our brains go through a period of theta vibrational activity and is prepared to download information via hypnosis.

And the big question is when exactly are these times that you can feed your subconscious with relevant information so that you stop struggling to achieve something but rather make it a part of you thus easy to achieve.

After the age of seven, your subconscious mind learns things in a different way and that is by the habit of repetition and the reason why most hypnotherapists will advise you to listen to the subliminal tapes as you go to sleep.

The reason being that they help you to program your subconscious mind into rejecting the habit that you really want to change; you will, therefore, be playing the tape with the program that you wish to download to your subconscious mind.

The programs that you are trying to change via sleep hypnosis are the ones that had been introduced to you when you were young, so that means when you grow older you operate from the preinstalled programs in your subconscious that takes up to 95%, while the conscious mind is left with only 5%.

So there are two ways to change our lives either by being mindful via the conscious mind or by rewriting the program in the subconscious mind.

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Therefore, by engaging hypnosis and habituation on a daily basis we will be able to match the subconscious programs to the wishes, desires, and aspirations that we hold in our conscious mind.

Remember also that as you go to sleep and you play the programs to your mind it will not be downloaded to your conscious mind because it is shut.

The program you are playing while you sleep is what you would like to be the reality of your life, and according to Bruce Lipton, this will translate to the reality of day because the programs will now be seeking your wishes.

Bruce Lipton therefore, advises people to engage in autohypnosis by playing the program that they want to be a reality in their lives and the good thing is that the programs are available for sale thus no need of a therapist.