How To Attract Money Spiritually

Everyone wants to be rich. Ask anyone what their greatest dream is, and they will tell you that they just ‘want to be rich, buy everything they want, travel to all the exotic destinations on their Instagram Saved Collections, and give their kids/ family the best and essentially all they never had.

Songs have been written about the deep desire for riches, books have been written with the most comprehensive guides on how to make and grow money, and people have lied for money.

At the end of the day, however, most people haven’t attained the level of richness they desire, meaning that they have to keep working long hours, boring 9-5 jobs in the corporate world, and with the unpredictability of the economy, there is a never-ending fear of job loss.

It, therefore, means that the search for ways and strategies that would result in richness is never-ending. Which brings us to all us hustlers’ biggest question ‘Can you attract money by being spiritual?’ Is there a spiritual way of attracting money, and can the universe really bring more money in your way, if you believe?

Well, we might have the answers you seek, and the best thing is that you could actually attract money spiritually.

First, you need to be careful about how you speak, the words you use, and what attitudes you hold about money. Yes, we are talking about the power of positivity and how much things could change if you become optimistic.

Essentially, it means that you need to become more aware of your speech and your thoughts about money, and also how you handle money. For example, do you express gratitude when you pay your bills for a service rendered, or do you pay the bills with resentment? Are you always avoiding bill payments?

Are you a miser where your money is concerned? Do you worry that if you share (even with people in need), you will not have enough money left for yourself?

Perhaps you are rolling your eyes right now thinking – ‘How dare you judge’ or ‘what’s my preferences and feelings about money got to do with me making more money?’ Right?

If any of the statements above sound familiar, it means that your vibrations around money is too low and negative. If you wish to attract more money, spiritually, you need to raise your vibrations.

Your vibrations are critical where the money is involved, or basically anything else you wish to receive. You really don’t expect a life of abundance if the vibes/ energy you put out is low and if you are leading a life that signifies lack.

What do you need to attract money spiritually?

Identify and Eliminate All The Negative Blocks You’ve Always Had About Money

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You are not alone. There are many people out there who wish to be happy, but somehow, they are unable to reach that goal because they have too much pent-up negative energy blocking abundance.

The most interesting bit about all this, however, is that most of the time, you may not be aware of that negative energy block because some of those blocks appear and feel trivial, silly, unnecessary.

For example, if you keep thinking about and looking at money as a means of purchasing the things you like, paying for services, or if you feel that you are not worthy of having money, you are setting up blocks.

You need to change your mindset and shift your outlook towards money and your deservingness by thinking differently. For example, you need to believe that you are worthy of having all the experiences and the things that money can buy.

That you are worthy of having nice clothes, living in a nice home/ neighborhood, access to safe and comfortable means of transportation, some leisure time, nourishing food, and the best fun experiences.

Therefore, the next time you catch yourself fretting about not being able to afford something you really love and want, you should stop yourself and eliminate that block by changing how you feel/ think about money.

This might not be as easy, though, but it’s not impossible. Unblocking the negativity starts from exercising gratitude. Be grateful for everything you have, and, more importantly, be happy about everything you have.

Most of the time we complain about not having X, Y, and Z, but if you choose to open your eyes and look at what you have, you will have a different, thankful perspective. Remember that for the universe to give you all the money you desire, your money ‘desire energy’ must be from a place of gratitude.

An affirmation like “I’ve got so much in my life already, and I appreciate and welcome everything more money into my life to enhance my life even more!”

Besides gratitude, you also need to work on getting more money. This means focusing all that energy of desire into the things that you really wish to do with the money rather than the money.

Also, stop asking from a place of lack because this would automatically lower your spiritual energy, bringing you the exact thing you are thinking – lack.

Time to Change Your Thoughts

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Life throws us curveballs, and after some time, our thoughts are somehow framed by the experienced we’ve gone through, and without knowing, we end up living and believing the thoughts we’ve woven around our lives.

After some time, our thoughts define who we are, and we can’t really change much/ anything that happens in our lives. But if you are praying for and hoping for abundance, you need to change those thoughts, especially if they are not on the same wavelength as your desires.

The catch is that you’ve believed your thoughts for so long, and any attempt to change them will be tough. But the change is not impossible.

All it needs is persistence and a great deal of hard work. Be extra diligent about being capable of stopping your thoughts when they start rearing in a negative direction. It means that you have to watch your thoughts. You need to be mindful.

Every time you catch a negative thought racing through your brain, stop it by feeding your mind something positive, something vibrating at a higher level.

Here’s an example that most of us are guilty of – how often do you tell yourself that you aren’t good with money and that you spend the money faster than you make it, meaning that you never have enough.

And that you’d be happier with a thousand bucks more? To be honest, this happens to most of us. And these statements are extremely sad and negative.

So, instead of allowing such thoughts, how about changing your narrative to include words that propel you to a higher vibration level? For example, “I am slowly learning how to be responsible in managing my finances.

My life is abundant, and I am so grateful and happy with what I have!” See what we mean? The latter statement sounds happier and more hopeful, no?

Money is Energy Too – The Need for Balance

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The other thing you need to do is to recognize that money, like everything else, is energy too. When you expect the universe to give you something, you need to remember that the universe works in a give-and-take model, and you must give to receive.

Obviously, you won’t have to give out money, but you need to give your time, skills, energy, talents, help, etc. You could make this system better and more efficient by doing the things you love.

And if you hate your job, this might be the time for you to change how you think about that job – start by being grateful for the job and what you will learn from it, as well as all the other experiences you will come across.


Image for Imagining

Imagining all the ways that you would use the money you make (get) and how you’d use that money to make the world a better place.

Consult your inner self

Work with/ consult your higher inner self for guidance, opportunities, awareness, and how to raise your energy vibration.


Image for focus

Set clear intentions, stay focused, and pay attention to the signs from the universe, your emotions, and the energy you put out there.