Conversational hypnosis with Steve G. Jones: A Detailed Review

Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist. Among the books and programs under his name, he has an online course known as Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis.

The course claims that it can enable a person to control every move and decision another person makes only by talking to them. It is essential to point out that conversational hypnosis is at its means.

It is hypnotizing someone by having a casual conversation with them. Additionally, the course flaunts that with just words, you can control other people’s thoughts to meet your desires. 

These are considerable claims to make. In this article, we’ll further explore what the course is about and whether it is legitimate. 

Using persuasion to get what you want

Conversational hypnosis carries with it the element of persuasion that you can use to get people to do exactly what you want.

The course promises that using these tools, you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from someone who works hard and doesn’t get what they want.

That is from the person who understands what they want by merely speaking words. 

With persuasion, you can master the art of negotiation to get a raise or what you want and even land your dream job.

It can also help in one’s love life as you can get someone you desire to chase after you.

In general, one will get the respect they want and never be taken advantage of again.

There is a lot that you can do when you understand the art of persuasion and couple that with hypnosis. Such a thing carries with it a lot of responsibility.

You also have to ensure that you don’t use your powers to take away someone’s ability to achieve what they want. That is even as you chase your dreams. 

Critique of the Promotional Material

An aspect of the promotional material for the course that will not sit well with people is how conversational hypnosis is put across.

It claims that conversational hypnosis is the only legitimate way to control people and treat them as puppets. Additionally, the material states that the people that you control as dolls will be thankful after.

In an ideal world, someone who finds out that they were hypnotized for selfish reasons will not be amused. The only way they would be thankful is if they also had their needs met.

The promotional content does not seem to support this latter idea. 

What does the Course contain?

With the promises made, there is much that the content has to live up to. Let us look at what you stand to gain and understand when you purchase the 18+ hours of audio.

  •   The beginnings of conversational hypnosis 
  •   Why conversational hypnosis is advantageous in all areas of life
  •   How one can establish rapport even to an advanced level to build trust
  •   How to use mirroring and pacing technique for effective hypnosis
  •   The five Alpha Power Patterns and how to lead a conversation 
  •   How to use embedded commands (analog marking) to persuade people in face-to-face interactions and other communication mediums
  •   What pattern interrupt techniques are and how to apply them to change someone’s thinking
  •   How to use representational systems; auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, to persuade people 
  •   Understanding direct commands and how they work
  •   How to anchor yourself for success

Will Conversational Hypnosis work on everyone?

Even with such resources, the questions still linger of you’re able to hypnotize everyone that we wish to.

The answer is yes, and you can captivate just about everyone but with varying ease.

People have varying degrees of suggestibility, while others are harder to get to.

The resources in the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis can show you advanced techniques for hypnotizing even the hardest of people. 

The good thing is there are various ways to hypnotize someone.

If one doesn’t work, you can always switch up the technique until you get the results you want. With the program, it won’t be a guessing game; when you’re done, you’ll know what the right applications are.

One can start applying what they learn from the get-go and then build on the knowledge base. You also get homework assignments so that you use what you learn daily. 

Wrap up

There are a lot of claims about what the Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis course can do. Steve G. Jones is a professional clinical hypnotherapist, and therefore, you can trust his knowledge that he’s accumulated since the 1980s.

However, whether it works depends on one’s commitment and the effort they place into doing the course.