Total Money Magnetism Review

The Total Money Magnetism is a self-development product intended to rewire a person’s brain so that they can think of money and gains from a fruitful point of view.

In this article, we are going to look at Total Money Magnetism and try to establish if it is legitimate and if it’s something you ought to consider buying.

Overall, what one finds with such resources is that you get out what you put in. You need to want success and wealth badly enough to succeed. 

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The author 

Total Money Magnetism is a Dr. Steve G. Jones, E.D. resource. He is a clinical hypnotherapist who has written over 22 books and also has resources on his website around hypnotherapy, all in the self-help genre.

From the site, there are sessions that you can purchase to get yourself on track on a personal and career level. What he is known for, however, are the resources on the website that come in audio form.

They meet varying needs, such as improving focus, concentration, and self-esteem or kicking bad habits such as nail-biting, overeating, and procrastination.

There are also a ton of sessions intended for career professionals on improving confidence and on wealth and abundance. 

What Total Money Magnetism is all about?

This resource is meant to reorient one’s mind so that they can gain success in the area of money.

It is also transforming thoughts using the six-step secret that will propel one into financial freedom. The idea is to get one to think as a millionaire does. 

The program is priced at $47 and has informative and engaging content. You don’t only get a book.

It is a package that also has interviews of millionaires, six hypnosis audio files, and three bonus videos of sessions with Dr. Steve.

There is also a subscription for ‘Amazing Self’ where you get the first month free.

It helps in areas of love, health, and wealth. There is a refund period of 60 days.

One can pay via credit card or PayPal. 

The basic principle that runs behind the program is that you can do anything you set your mind to. With the right outlook and attitude, you’ll be able to achieve whatever it is you want.

This concept is not new; there has been testimonies and scientific finding that show the power of positive thinking.

Therefore it is not surprising that Total Money Magnetism would work with it comes to money. There are similar resources in the market as well. 

Perceptions of money

We often look at millionaires as people who are lucky.

We wonder why with all our hard work, we aren’t able to reach that million-dollar mark.

We end up thinking that there is something wrong with us. What we should, however, know is that we have the same mind; the only difference is how we think about money.

We cannot all be millionaires, but what we can do is reach financial success in our terms.

It begins with how we feel about money. It is therefore not impossible to achieve commercial success, and it is about being able to perceive that we too can get the type of bank account we wish to have. 

A lot of resources like Total Money Magnetism shouldn’t get approached as interesting reads or a quick fix.

They require putting in work and effort to enforce the lessons learned. It is difficult to work, and expect no less when you are using this Dr. Steve G. Jones book.

He works with artists, movie makers, athletes, politicians, and the likes and charges $25,000 for a two-hour session.

According to the clinical hypnotist, he says that it’s because it works.

Their issue, therefore, here is not if the product works; it is how much effort you put into it to get the changes that you want to see. 

Changing mindsets using hypnotherapy 

Total Money Magnetism is about changing how you look at money. It is also about willpower and our ability to follow through with the financial goals we make.

What makes the book different is that it uses hypnotherapy principles and techniques to get a person to develop a positive outlook on money.

It is not just for when you get your paycheck at the end of every month; it is something that you do daily. 

That kind of permanent change does not come with shortcuts.


There is no promised a quick way to get what you want. You have to put in the time and effort to reap the benefits that the book promises.

You don’t understand what you want when it comes to money; the principles you learn trickle down to love, health, and other parts of one’s life. You cannot change one part of your life, and the others remain unaffected. 

What changes should you expect?

You will learn how some beliefs you have are affecting how you think, and as a result, act around money.

You will also learn to spot opportunities to make money and make smart goals that bring better returns just as the millionaires do.

All these and other aspects are based on hypnotherapy.

A breakdown of Total Money Magnetism

total money magnetism sales covers

The Total Money Magnetism e-book is in four parts. Let us explore what they are below.

  • Part one:This looks at how hypnosis is vital in attracting wealth. It is also an introduction to who Dr. Steve is and how the hypnosis audio tracks work. One must understand what it is all about before embarking on the hypnosis journey. 
  • Part two: This part looks at five ways to develop money magnetism is about what you can do to increase your ability to attract money. 
  • Part three: The 10 Secret Success Principles that the ultra-wealthy use, in essence, looks at what wealthy people do to get all the money they have. 
  • Part four:It looks at managing wealth after you have gotten it and the life after. It is also about how to get the most out of it. 

Where it misses the mark

No one resource is perfect, especially in the self-help genre.

Given that the resource pack is only about money, this singular focus on life doesn’t bring about the right balance. That means that competitors have the upper hand in this area.

Other resources don’t just cover money but also life, healthy, love, and other essential aspects of the human experience. 

It can be cumbersome

You have to work hard to harness the content in the book. In essence, you get back what you put it.

That is why we made an earlier reference about not reading it as a storybook.

The book is about changing your mind. It means putting in daily practice for no less than 21 days so that you’re able to develop a new habit. It takes even more time to be a pro at something.

It’s therefore not something you can read one; it is something you have to keep making constant reference to. 

It takes time for results to show

The nature of the topic makes it something that you have to look at from a long-term perspective.

For people used to instant results, they will get frustrated with Total Money Magnetism.

You ought to cultivate patience and follow through to the end of the course so that you’re able to harness the money lessons the book has. 

Final Thoughts

Total Money Magnetism is a resource that does have mixed reviews, but perhaps it is because of the amount of work that one has to put in to see the changes.

It is not something you can read in a day or a week, implement some changes, and expect it to work. Of you to get that millionaire mind you have to put in the work.

That is what Total Money Magnetism makes you do; you get back what you put in. 

On the hypnotic front, the resource package is impressive. Dr. Steve has a soothing voice. Overall, it is an excellent introduction to hypnosis only that it has focused on money.

With that said, some people do find that the content in the book itself is self-explanatory and common sense, especially if you’ve already been reading articles and other books on the subject matter.

 If you are new to the topic, then it does work. 

With the overview given on the author and the product, we have looked at the right parts of the Total Money Magnetism and the regions where it does not hit the mark.

You can now make an informed decision about making this your partner in your journey to acquiring wealth.