How to bend a spoon with your mind

We’ve seen it before, someone in a live show or a video we’ve watched bending a spoon just by looking at it. We wonder how they’ve done it, and we want to do it too.

How does that happen? Here we look into what spoon bending is all about and how you can do it also. 

What is telekinesis?

Telekinesis is the supposed ability a person has of affecting change in an object without having physical interaction with it. In this article, we’re talking about bending a spoon with your mind, and that is what is referred to as telekinesis.

The reason why we’ve used the word ‘supposed’ is that historically, there have been no controls in place to ascertain the legitimacy of telekinesis truly.

On a scientific level, there are no known mechanisms that can allow a human being to move or even bend objects. 

There have been live and recorded demonstrations of people being able to do it.

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What the general public has then to do is trust that the person does indeed have the said capability. There are plenty of ways in which they say it is possible, and we shall explore them here. 

Different kinds of telekinesis

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There are three types of abilities that are said to be under telekinesis. The first is being able to manipulate mental, as in the case of bending a spoon. It is also known as psychokinesis.

The other two are manipulating air and levitation.

In research and studies, all these types of abilities have been disputed. The reason why they are said to work is that the person performing the trick is in a position to manipulate results without other people knowing or noticing. 

However, there is a reason why people still insist that it is possible to perform telekinesis. The brain is powerful, and it has been shown to influence vast parts of our life, our bodies included.

Anger is linked to ulcers, while surgery can get canceled if you perceive that you’ll die on the operating table. With being able to move an object without touching it, moving our body from the ground with your mind and bending metals are all considered paranormal.

That means they are supposed as being not reasonable and outside scientific explanation.

How to perform psychokinesis

If you want to bend a spoon, you have to focus on the object. That means looking at its shape and the metal it is made out of. From there, that’s where things get intense.

You have to say to yourself that the object is nothing more than an illusion and that it can be reshaped into what you wish. It requires a strong belief that trickles down to everything. 

The chair you see is an illusion, the door you see is an illusion, and the hand you see is an illusion. There is no room for skepticism when you want to perform psychokinesis.

It requires patience and a strong belief in what you’re doing.

Every time you make an attempt and nothing happens, dig further into understanding what your views of the physical world are. Everything began as an idea before it came into being, so you want to operate in that plane. 

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Even as you’re attempting psychokinesis, you have to ensure that your physical body and mind are relaxed.

You want to have a singular focus on the spoon, not a random thought about the mashed potatoes you had for lunch was amazing.

Your mind has to be free and clear as though you are in a trance. Once you feel you’re in that state, close your eyes and relax further. 

Here is where visualization comes in. Say to yourself that the spoon is an illusion. Feel the energy that the spoon carriers it, and think back to the original idea of creating a spoon.

You want to work on an idea/abstract realm, not on the physical. Now take that idea of the energy behind the spoon and think of what you want it to be. Every time you have unwanted thoughts, push them away. 

Once you’re in this heightened state, open your eyes. Use your mind to bend the spoon. Speak a command “bend,” and don’t waver in your concentration.

If done right, the spoon will turn or twist into a different shape and direction. You can choose the direction of using your mind. Imagine how you want it to look before you begin the psychokinesis. 

Wrap up

It takes time and practice; don’t give up on the first try.

However, do keep in mind that psychokinesis and telekinesis are well-kept secrets so you might need more digging.