How to Get Positive Energy at Home

Picture this, you just had a spat with one of your brothers, and you decide that they hate you or think lowly of you, and so out of anger, you start plotting your revenge.

You therefore, decide to engage cold war thus no communication and maybe it was something simple like taking out the trash. You then go the extra mile and refuse to eat, lock yourself in your room devising ways and means of hurting them.

To this point your whole day has been spoilt, you don’t feel like working you keep on dwelling on the events of the morning, replaying them in your mind each time and in the process, you become even bitter and mood less.

The tips to help you get positive energy at home

Take a walk

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If things get so heated up at home the best thing to do is to take a walk, this will, in turn, prevent things from getting out of hand.

On the other hand, it is not always good to leave people in suspense because they don’t know what you are up to and might get worried.

The best thing to do would be to express your feelings but don’t get dirty, apologize and take some time to cool off by taking a walk and come and talk about it later.

Brisk walks have been found to calm a person down, by sparking the nerve cells in the brain which then relax the senses.

Look for the silver lining immediately

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Whenever you are in an argument the best thing that you can do for yourself is try to find the silver lining. We know it is not easy to think clearly or positively when your emotions are in turmoil, but it’s good if you trained yourself to find a lesson or a bright spot.

You will realize that as you engage in the above, the burden lightens, as your mind is free and your thought process even begins to transform.


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We know that you are not a comedian and maybe no one in your home is, but you have to make it your mission to seek opportunities for engaging in humorous activities and laughter.

Why you may ask, for one laughter has been known to trigger the release of the body’s natural feel-good chemicals (endorphins), which temporarily relieve pain and promote overall wellbeing.

Laughter also dissolves anger and conflict, what happens is that whenever there is an argument you want to create positive energy by allowing people to move on from it without holding on to resentment and bitterness at home.

Then you always have to look at the funny side of the problem, which actually helps everyone to move on from confrontations.

What’s more, is that a burst of good laughter will relax your whole body and relieve the physical tension or stress and in the process leave your muscles relaxed for about 45 minutes.

Laughter improves moods, strengthens relationships and ensures that everyone stays mentally healthy.

Do not dwell on negativity

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If you want to be cranky the whole day, try dwelling on downers. The one thing that focusing on negativity will do to you is make you unproductive.

Whatever tasks that are to be done by you will suffer because even the mood to do them or the morale will be dampened. You, therefore, have to train yourself to abstain from replaying the un-pleasantries.

Instead focus on the positive things that make you happy such as the fun times that you have had with your family, or your kids.

Think of the company retreats and the awards, the achievements and success that you have gained and in the process, you will motivate yourself to achieve even higher goals.

Creating positive energy in your home is a balance of two things, first, it is how you approach or react to tense situations down to solving, and how your home is arranged, is it dirty, or cramped with less fresh air.

Work on improving the appearance of your home

Your existence space should be pleasing first to your eyes then to your senses so that overall your home can support and enrich your life (Feng Shui).

De-clutter your home

A home filled with clutter is not comfortable to sit in and doesn’t attract good vibes. Clothes that have not been worn for a long time should be donated, that is if they are still new.

If you have broken things in your home that you know very well they won’t be repaired then best you throw them away. Other items that hold bad memories or events should also be removed.

Introduce plants and water into your home

According to Feng Shui, plants and water have been known to attract wealth into a home, what’s more, is that your health stands to benefit a great deal from the plants, as they help in purifying the air. And by the way, as you take care of the plants to grow you are also inadvertently nurturing yourself.

Furniture and positioning

Comfort is provided by furniture, so you want to always be comfortable while at home, but also you need to position the furniture in such a way that you can see the door. You don’t want to sit in your home and feel vulnerable, therefore, the sofa and the headboard should not be on the same wall as the door.

Essential oils

According to Feng Shui, essential oils have been known to get rid of negative energy and contribute to the happy vibes in the home.

So what you need to do is to put distilled water in a spritzer bottle and then add three to six droplets of oil, you will then spritz the air in your house. You can also infuse your home with joy by using rose and orange essential oils.

In which case, rose infuses love and orange is believed to infuse joy.  And if you have someone who has been ailing in your home then you could use a blend of cinnamon and frankincense.

If you are having trouble finding the essential oils just check in the health food stores.

Accessorize your home

There are so many things that you can use to accessorize your home that would also reflect positively to your mind, for example, you could hang meaningful or your favorite artwork in your home.

Also if you have drawings from your children or grandchildren, you could hang them on your refrigerator in the bedroom walls or the living room.

Artwork in the home is a constant reminder of happiness and love; therefore, when someone interacts with them they get a positive feeling and most will consider the home their happy place.

You could also invest in an aquarium, and invest in some schooling fishes that apart from entertaining you with their synchronized motions they will also offer therapeutic benefits and could be used to calm a child or even help them develop an interest in learning more about the fish.

And if you have a large outside window, you can invite in nature by putting a bird feeder outside the window.And with time when the birds learn of the food at your window, they will start frequenting the feeder and you can just sit back and enjoy the view, while also learning of the different species of birds and their tones.


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No matter where you go dark rooms are always depressing; see, even at night the moon and the stars provide some sort of light into the house.

If you can’t get enough natural light from the sun, try to brighten up your home by using the overhead lights and lamps that will make the room feel brighter and cleaner.