Month: January 2020

Advanced Eight-Week Hypnotist Certification review

Advanced Eight-Week Hypnotist Certification

When people hear the word ‘hypnosis,’ they quickly jump to thinking about a mysterious person putting you into a trance-like state by dangling some sort of pendulum in front of their faces. As a result, you could end up barking like a dog or clucking like a hen, before an amused audience. Contrary to popular … Read more

Advantages and disadvantages of hypnotherapy

hypnotherapy benefits

Whether you are trying to quit bad habits, like drinking excessive alcohol, or smoking or increase motivation at work, hypnotherapy is an essential and powerful tool used to make such long-term changes. Hypnotherapy involves the use of hypnosis techniques and effects to get the desired result. It allows the patient to relax deeply by entering … Read more

Conversational Hypnosis Review: an honest review of Igor Ledochowski

Review: an honest review of Igor Ledochowski

.We have different conversations with different people every day. Having the ability to convince someone to do something is an incredible power. This miraculous ability assists you in improving the quality of your relationships while strengthening the way you communicate and relate with others. The valuable skill of persuasion lies in the technique of conversational … Read more

How to hypnotize someone over the phone

Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone to someone with a monotonous voice? If so, then you have experienced phone hypnosis. Hypnosis involves entering a state of trance, where you experience focused attention by turning off any background noises. We enter a state of trance every day from watching television, fantasizing, reading … Read more

How to become a hypnotherapist in Texas

Do you enjoy helping people make positive changes in their lives? Would you like to earn money and change your lifestyle for the better while doing so? Hypnotherapy is one of the most intriguing and challenging niches that are highly lucrative in the job market. People regularly undergo various stressful situations as well as negative … Read more

How to become a mentalist

mentalism 101

Contrary to popular belief, becoming a mentalist is not a challenging task. It involves developing superior observation and interpretation skills, which is only achievable through tons of practice and years of studying. Since mentalists are people who practice mentalism, you have to comprehend the different facets of mentalism before becoming one fully. Many people refer … Read more

How to get a raise without asking

increased salary

 Nobody wants to live their whole lives on a measly salary. Most people expect to live a life where they earn nicely, spend responsibly, and live happily. Unfortunately, this is far from reality. Often, we put in long hours of work, forsake our leave days, fail to meet deadlines and fail to secure that raise … Read more

How to hypnotize by text message

Hypnosis is a popular technique used in our daily lives, more than you might realize. From professional psychics to mentalists to psychiatrists, they can easily gain access to your unconscious mind. You might have also seen regular hypnosis shows on famous TV shows or movies. Hypnosis is a powerful mind-controlling technique, allowing the user to … Read more

How to hypnotize someone with words

When it comes to hypnosis, there is one tool that you cannot do without. Without it, it would be impossible to hypnotize anyone. Good hypnotists use specific phrases and words to usher people in believing impossible situations. As such, they need to choose their words carefully as they actively contribute to how well their skills … Read more