Month: June 2020

How to improve memory retention

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If you feel that your memory is fuzzy and could use a boost, then one of the ways you can change that is through improving your memory retention. It is described at one’s ability to keep information for the purpose of using it in the future with varying durations. When it comes to memory retention, … Read more

How to recover from emotional trauma

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How do you know if you’ve been traumatized? A deeply disturbing or distressing experience is what defines trauma. It leaves you feeling helpless, as though you’ve lost all control over your life, and the world is no longer a safe place. Additionally, you’re left with a lot of distressing emotions and memories that continuously plague … Read more

Rapid Hypnotic Induction – A complete Guide

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Do you believe that someone can put you out in a full hypnotic state using a few words or even one word, even if they don’t really know you? Rather do you believe in hypnosis or the idea of going into a deep trance state that gives you access to some deep-seated trauma or experiences … Read more

How to forgive and move on in a relationship

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No one is perfect, and inevitably, your partner is going to do something to hurt you. You are, by all means, allowed to be angry, hurt, and in pain, but if you want to remain within the relationship, you’ll have to forgive them and move on. Doing this is a way to keep your partnership … Read more

Yoga Hypnosis – A Guide

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Hypnosis and Yoga– what brings these two together, and how do they relate to each other? And if you do yoga, do you know about, or have you tried yoga hypnosis? Do you know what yoga hypnosis is? And, what comes in mind when you hear yoga hypnosis? Where is the intersection between yoga and … Read more

How to Stop Hating Someone Who Hurt You

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Despite all the human advancements made in the last century, most of us still struggle with being hurt, moving on, forgiving, and ending the hate we have for the people who hurt us. Nations have gone to wars because they feel that they have been wronged by the people they go to war with, and … Read more

Cognitive constructivism

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In this article, we will help you better understand cognitive constructivism from a well-rounded perspective. We will also highlight how it applies to one’s life. What is cognitive constructivism? Constructivism is pegged on the idea a person’s learning gets dictated by previous knowledge and experience, both of which are determined by the cultural and social … Read more

Nine benefits of positive thinking

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If you’ve had someone make a comment that sounded like “you’re so negative” or “you’re such a pessimist,” then it is perhaps an indication that you’re having a hard time thinking positively. What does come out of your mouth is a reflection of the types of thoughts you have. Being stuck in that wave of … Read more

Cognitive restructuring techniques

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Cognitive restructuring is one of the psychotherapeutic processes of learning to identify and after dispute wrong or irrational thoughts. It is one of the methods one can use to both notice and undo negative thinking patterns. It works in a variety of contexts, whether ridding yourself of your judgmental inner voice, emotional reasoning, split thinking, … Read more

How to Understand the Unconscious Mind

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We’ve all heard or read about the power of the unconscious mind and all that you could attain if only you learned to master the unconscious mind. But do we really understand what the unconscious mind is all about? Is your unconscious the key to the change you have been seeking? For most people seeking … Read more