Month: August 2019

Total Money Magnetism Review

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The Total Money Magnetism is a self-development product intended to rewire a person’s brain so that they can think of money and gains from a fruitful point of view. In this article, we are going to look at Total Money Magnetism and try to establish if it is legitimate and if it’s something you ought … Read more

Conversational hypnosis with Steve G. Jones: A Detailed Review

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Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist. Among the books and programs under his name, he has an online course known as Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis. The course claims that it can enable a person to control every move and decision another person makes only by talking to them. It is essential to point out … Read more

Steve G Jones hypnosis reviews

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Hypnosis is a hot topic, and more people want to know who they can use hypnosis in their daily life. From how to hypnotize others to how to tell if you’re getting hypnotized, people are looking for gurus to teach them the secrets. That brings to the rise of people like Dr. Steve G. Jones, … Read more

Are You Being Hypnotized? Watch out for these Signs 

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Whenever we talk about hypnotherapy, we insist that the person being hypnotized give their consent before the practice starts. While you won’t be unconscious, you will not be fully aware of some of the things you will say, and so the person putting you in a trance needs to know that you are okay with this … Read more

Past Life Regression – How does it Work? 

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Some events in our lives are so lively and fulfilling that we remember them as though they happened yesterday no matter how much time has passed. There are those others that we really can’t remember no matter how hard we try, and sometimes we acknowledge our lives are incomplete with those gaps. It could be … Read more

NLP: What it is and 9 Techniques That will Change your Life

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming, better known as NLP is the science or art that boasts a unique approach to the enhancement of your communications skills, personal development, as well as psychotherapy. The term NLP was first coined in 1970 by Dr. Richard Bandler. NLP is a powerful tool/ method that influences the behavior of the brain (hence … Read more

Mind control by cell phone: Fact or Fiction?

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An article by R. Douglas Fields published on the Scientific America website titled Mind Control by Cell Phones put into perspective what it means for your minds to be controlled by cell phones. The question he put forward was if a phone’s electrical signals can transmit frequencies strong enough to control the mind. That is … Read more

What can conversational hypnosis do?

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Hypnosis is now becoming increasingly popular, with people looking for resources and experts they can turn to for help. Here we explore one such person, Igor Ledochowski who is known for this work in conversational hypnosis. We explore what this kind of hypnosis is all about, what makes Igor an authority and more about the … Read more

How to hypnotize with the eyes in 5 Easy Steps

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Most of us are either afraid of being hypnotized or are not sure what to expect when we ‘lose ourselves,’ but truth is we do that every day. When you’re in a café working on your laptop or reading a book that has you fully consumed, you become completely unaware of your surroundings. People around … Read more

The art of persuasion: How to Persuade Anyone

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When you think about some of the big and successful names around, you’ll notice that they’re pretty good at selling themselves. Maybe in the past they weren’t as persuasive, but they invested in mastering the talent and can now reap the full benefits. We’re not all born with the gift, after all.  Some may confuse … Read more